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Man sparks outrage after he was announced as finalist for Women in Technology award

Man sparks outrage after he was announced as finalist for Women in Technology award

Simon Button has been nominated for this year's 'Inspiring Diversity in STEM' award.

People are outraged after a man was announced as one of the four finals for a women’s tech award.

Simon Button has been nominated for the 2022 'Inspiring Diversity in STEM' award by Women in Technology, an ‘industry body for women in technology and life sciences within Queensland’ that ‘empower women in technology and life sciences’.

Simon’s nomination comes as the organisation introduces a new award this year to recognise ‘heroes’ who champion ‘diversity inclusion, equality’ within the STEM community regardless of gender, age and background.

The organisation added this award is for those ‘who stand alongside us in our quest to ensure fair recognition and equal opportunity for women across STEM’.

Simon has been nominated alongside physically disabled research fellow in Indigenous health professor Kym Rae, pharmaceutical researcher Dr Jyoti Sharma and psychologist working with marginalised communities Professor Amy Mullens, as per Daily Mail.

But with the award’s surprising finalist, many were left seething upon the announcement.

One person wrote: “NOPE!”

Another said: “Seriously? Parks and Rec already did this, did we not learn from that?”

A third person shared: “So, you have a white man, instead of choosing, say, a black woman, native woman, or other woman of color?”

While another commented: “WTF? There are so many places for dudes to get rewarded for doing the bare minimum wtf is wrong with WiT? Not enough incredibly qualified wom*n or something? Because I’m pretty sure there’s tons of qualified wom*n.”

Simon is currently the group chief technology officer at Qscan Group, which offers a range of interventional radiology services. 

Women in Technology added: “Simon is also a founding director of Hummingbird House Foundation, a not-for-profit that successfully delivered Hummingbird House, Queensland's only children's hospice to support Queensland kids who have life limiting illnesses.”

Look, there’s no denying that Simon’s resumé is impressive as he’s doing incredible work for women and the wider community, but any of the other three finalists are undoubtedly a more suitable candidate for this award.

If Simon wins, why not just nominate Morbius for ‘Best Original Screenplay’ at the 2023 Oscars?

Featured Image Credit: WiT: Women in Technology / Facebook. NBC

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