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McDonald’s employee says she can tell what you look like by what you order

McDonald’s employee says she can tell what you look like by what you order

This takes 'you are what you eat' to another level

We've all heard the saying 'you are what you eat', and now one McDonald's employee has claimed she knows what you will look like based on your order.

Taking to TikTok, McDonald's worker Ella claimed that customers who look a certain way tend to make some very specific orders at the fast food giant.

She wrote over her now-viral video: "I work at McDonald’s and this is what people typically look like who order these things."

The fast food worker added: "Do not be offended."

Perhaps sensing that her revelations about the Golden Arches would catch the attention of a lot of people, she stressed that she wasn't being mean in the video's caption, writing: "In the nicest way possible."

Ella then went on to imply that if a person orders a Big Mac (a total fan favourite, if we do say so ourselves), then chances are they will be a middle aged man.

Meanwhile, the biggest fans of quarter cheese burgers, according to the McDonald's employee, are middle aged women.

Another popular item on the McDonald's menu is the fillet-o-fish, and Ella claimed that whenever she has to serve someone the fast food chain's seafood option, they are most likely an elderly couple (or presumably elderly person).

Do you fit any of the McDonald's order stereotypes?
TikTok / @shehasaproblem

Last and most certainly not least on Ella's McDonald's patron prediction video was the kind of person who orders any burger without a bun.

In her experience, these people tend to be middle aged women - but more specifically, lifestyle bloggers.

Some of the video's 1.4 million viewers unsurprisingly had a lot to say about Ella's apparent predictions about McDonald's customers.

One commented on an item she hadn't mentioned, writing: "Junior chicken - a guy in a puffer coat and roots sweatpants."

"Justice for the filet o fish," wrote a second, while a third agreed: "i knew i was a married old couple."

Someone else, who also claimed to be a McDonald's employee, remarked: "old ppl just order coffees as a mcdonald's employee [sic]."

"I guess I should get on calling the retirement home to see if there's any spots available," joked a fifth viewer, who we can only assume is partial to a fillet-o-fish.

However, while some people took umbrage with Ella's predictions, others said they were accurate.

"Omg every time i go with my grandparents they got the filet o fish ahah," wrote one viewer.

Alongside crying emoji, a second wrote: "NO BC THIS IS SO ACCURATE [sic]."

Meanwhile, this user couldn't help but remark: "no one can say anything about chicken nuggets because it's a sacred snack for all ages."

Featured Image Credit: @shehasaproblem / TikTok

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