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McDonald’s is bringing back Spicy McNuggets with new and improved recipe

McDonald’s is bringing back Spicy McNuggets with new and improved recipe

Get em while they're hot

This is not a drill, folks - McDonald's is bringing back its wildly popular Spicy Chicken McNuggets.

I repeat, this is not a drill.

And if that weren't exciting enough, the fast food giant has promised a new and improved recipe that makes them even spicier than they were before.

The delicious dish was first added to UK Maccies menus back in 2019, with people queueing for hours just to get a taste of the fiery nugs.

Customers just couldn't get enough of the updated staple, which also came with a Tabasco-based dip for the spice-lovers out there.

McDonald's is bringing back the spicy staple.

Fans have been hoping for their return ever since, and McDonald's has now answered their prayers by announcing the Spicy Chicken McNuggets will be returning to UK restaurants on 7 September.

We know what you'll be having for lunch that day.

Costing £3.49 for six - which you can bump up to nine or 20 pieces - the delicious nuggets come with a new spicier-than-before chilli dip.

Alongside the dip, the recipe's crispy coating features a blend of aged cayenne and chilli pepper.

If you want to get your chops around these flavourful snacks, you'll have to be quick, as they'll only be around for a limited time.

The Spicy Chicken McNuggets will only be around for a limited time.

McDonald's also announced that the menu item will be included in this year's Monopoly competition for the first time ever, alongside the McPlant, Big Tasty, Mozzarella Dippers and the Mars and Twix McFlurrys.

Returning to the UK on the same date as the spicy nugs (7 September), the popular game gives customers the chance to walk away with more than just a full stomach.

And this time around the chances of winning will be greater than ever.

This year's prizes include everything from £100,000 in cash and a £2,000 holiday with TUI to a MINI Electric Car and a McDonald’s Gold Card.

There's plenty more to be won too, including smaller cash prizes, vouchers and tech.

If you're wondering how to get involved in the game, which was launched back in 2005, the company said: "Customers have the chance to win prizes by collecting game pieces from menu items such as fries, wraps, drinks and McFlurry’s.

McDonald's Monopoly will be returning next month.
CoCo Jones/Alamy Stock Photo

"Simply by peeling off the game pieces from these selected items, customers can instantly win free food items and bigger prizes or collect property pieces of the same colour for a bigger prize via the McDonald’s App and where they will then get a Digital Peel for another chance to win."

Featured Image Credit: Robert Evans/Alamy/McDonald's

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