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Misbehaving At Your Christmas Work Party Might Get You The Sack

Misbehaving At Your Christmas Work Party Might Get You The Sack

Your annual Christmas work do might be your most-high risk event with regards to loosing your job

With many having work dos in the next couple of weeks, an expert has revealed that your annual Christmas p*** up might be your most high-risk chance of getting the sack.

We all like to let to let loose now and again, especially if your boss is footing the bill but apparently a work's party is a form of 'company time'. 

Speaking to The Daily Record, Priya Cunningham, a specialist employment lawyer at Watermans Solicitors, said: "The employer needs to bear in mind reputational damage to their business when considering an employee's conduct on a night out.

"Bosses are also vicariously liable for their employees' actions.


"If an employee assaults someone on a night out, leaving them with a life changing injury - such as brain damage - the employer may also be liable for their actions.

"It's important to get advice from our employment law specialist if you're facing the sack after your Christmas work do."

So, while there's no harm in having a drink, if you act out and get into a fight, start sexually harassing someone or commit another crime you could very likely lose your job. 

You could also face the sack if you end up committing a serious health and safety breach while at your work do.


A Christmas party outfit could also land drivers with a hefty £5,000 fine if they wear one while on the roads this year.

Distracting bulges and awkward footwear could make you a dangerous driver by disrupting your ability to navigate the road.

This very sensible warning is only too relevant this year as internet searches for 'Christmas outfit' hit sleigh-high with a 1,280% increase in the past 12 weeks.

National Tyres and Autocare marketing director Michael Bourne told The Sun that up to a 5k fine might be issued.


He said: "Driving in outfits that impact your driving ability could cause an accident.

"Any piece of clothing that impairs your vision or prevents you from using the car's controls, could lead to a £5k fine and potentially three points on your licence."

While the law never bans drivers from fancy dress, the experts warn against it.

The law does state that lacking proper control of a vehicle could lead to a £5k fine, discretionary disqualification, and nine points from your licence.

But you're not only up against a hefty fine, you may also be putting your own life in danger.

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