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Presenter throws paper at Mizzy and screams for security to 'get rid of him' after ‘threatening’ guest live on air

Presenter throws paper at Mizzy and screams for security to 'get rid of him' after ‘threatening’ guest live on air

Mizzy appeared on Andre Walker's Talk TV show, and it didn't end well

Controversial TikToker Mizzy was thrown off set during an appearance on Talk TV after he was deemed to have been behaving in a ‘threatening’ manner to a female guest.

The presenter Andre Walker chucked his papers in the air and angrily called for security to remove the controversial TikToker, who has been in trouble recently for a number of viral videos during which he wandered into a bunch of people's houses.

Mizzy, who is really called Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, seriously annoyed host Walker, who screamed at him and told him he’d be taken off the set after he stared at fellow guest Reem Ibrahim in a way that Walker didn’t like.

Ibrahim had just asked Mizzy whether he reckons that posting his behaviour online could lead to others imitating him, potentially causing crime and injury.

It’s a fair enough question.

Mizzy staring at Reem Ibrahim.
Talk TV

Mizzy just stared at her.

This is the bit that Walker objected to.

He said: “You stare at another guest again and I’m going to personally remove you.

“I’m not taking the mick.

“You glared at her in a threatening fashion.

“You do that, I’ll drag you out by the hair and you can be as hard as you pretend you are.

“You apologise to her right now, or you’re leaving.”

So, he left.

O’Garro addressed Ibrahim, telling her: “You know I respect you but I’m done here.”

Then, up he got and left.

Well, that was what everyone thought.

Walker continued: “Good riddance to bad rubbish.

“Threatening guests does not happen on my show under any circumstances.

“We never should have had him on the show. I didn’t even want him here. I think the guy’s a complete and total fool.

“The fact that I attempted to have a sensible interview with an idiot like that...”

Then, off camera, someone yelled: “It’s kicking off! Get him out of here!”

Walker raged: “Get the security from downstairs and get rid of him.

“Get rid of him for Christ’s sake.”

Visibly incensed, he scrunched up a piece of paper and threw it, shouting: “Get rid of him!”

Andre Walker wasn't happy with Mizzy's behaviour.
Talk TV

For his stupid 'pranks' involving trespassing into people's homes, Mizzy was issued with a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) for a period of two years, expiring in May 2025.

The CBO prohibits the 18-year-old from ' trespassing into any private property, including residential homes, business properties, school and retail outlets; uploading directly or indirectly any original video content on social media including but not limited to; Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube without prior documented consent of the people in that content; and attending Westfield Stratford City'.

His sentence was 'time served in custody on remand' and he was fined £200, an £85 victim surcharge and £80 costs, as per Hackney Police - all in relation to the video of him entering someone's home.

LADbible has contacted Talk TV for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Talk TV

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