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TikTok prankster Mizzy arrested again for 'breaching court order by posting new videos online'

TikTok prankster Mizzy arrested again for 'breaching court order by posting new videos online'

The TikToker has been arrested yet again

TikToker Mizzy has been arrested again after posting new videos, which are allegedly in breach of his court order, following his earlier recent arrest.

He had been arrested just this week after breaking into a stranger's house for a video and was later charged by police for failing to comply with a Community Protection Notice.

He'd been issued with the notice in May 2022, and one of the conditions of that was that he not trespass on private property. Mizzy pleaded guilty to failing to comply with the notice.

The TikToker was arrested by a plain clothes police officer.

Now it appears as though he's been arrested again as a video was uploaded showing the TikToker, real name Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, being handcuffed on a roof by a police officer, who told him he was being apprehended after he 'uploaded two TikTok videos'.

After his earlier arrest, the 18-year-old was subject to a two-year criminal behaviour order where he's banned from trespassing or uploading videos to social media without the consent of everyone in the footage.

Footage of Mizzy's second arrest was posted to Twitter with the caption, 'Mizzy just got arrested'.

The Met Police told the Daily Mirror: "On Friday, 26 May, officers arrested an 18-year-old man on suspicion of breach of a Criminal Behaviour Order.

"He has been taken into custody. Enquiries are ongoing."

The TikToker has become notorious for a series of 'pranks' which are lacking in the comedy department and often quite illegal.

Among them he's stolen a dog from a woman in a park, ripped pages out of library books, ridden an e-bike through a supermarket, harassed people in public and broken into people's homes.

Following his previous arrest earlier this week, he ended up getting interviewed by Piers Morgan where he said the motivation behind his videos was to 'just do it for fun'.

After his first arrest he posted a video of himself riding atop a bus.

Yesterday (25 May), after he was first arrested and ordered not to post any more videos without the consent of everyone involved, he was once again posting videos.

He shared footage of himself riding atop a moving bus before rolling off the vehicle, but the stunt could end up landing the TikToker in jail, if he's punished to the full extent of the law.

Mizzy was issued with a Criminal Behaviour Order as a result of his first arrest and Detective Chief Superintendent James Conway said: "The CBO issued is a powerful measure designed to prevent behaviour which has caused alarm and distress to our communities.

"If the conditions are breached, at any point over the two year period, a custodial sentence can result."

LADbible has contacted the Met Police for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / @mizzyisbanned

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