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Most unpopular baby names of 2022 have been revealed

Most unpopular baby names of 2022 have been revealed

The list has revealed which names have dropped out of favour

The most unpopular baby names of 2022 have been revealed and it's bad news for Lorraines, Bills, Suzannes and Stuarts, as your names are on the out. 

The rankings show the list of names that have fallen out of favour with parents so far this year. 

The list was compiled by baby experts Bella Baby, who used data from Baby Name UK and Google Trends to collate the results. 

Ashton Kutcher probably pondering why no one likes his name anymore.
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The experts say that its common for names to come and go out of fashion, and while some names - such as Arthur and Charlotte - seem to have decent staying power, others don’t have as much luck. 

Bella Baby explained: “It is to be expected that some names begin to get out of fashion or popularity over time, whether that be an association with the name or just that it has been so overly used that it is no longer desired by new parents. 

“While some names will always be firm favourites and are ever-lasting, there are certain names you wouldn't expect people to fall out of love with but that is the nature of choosing baby names.”

It’s no laughing matter, Kimberly.
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Most Unpopular Boy Names:

  • Kobe
  • Jeffrey
  • Nigel
  • Ashton
  • Graham
  • Stuart
  • Chad
  • Gary
  • Bill

While with girls it was:

  • Angela
  • Kimberly
  • Nicole
  • Ashley
  • Sophia
  • Lorraine
  • Kristen
  • Suzanne

As well as Alexa, which is probably down to the fact that you don’t want your home assistant piping up every time you mention your kid’s name. 

But, like most trends, these standings don’t necessarily mean that we won’t see a resurgence of Angelas, Garys or Bills in the future. 

With Bella Baby adding: “We imagine that this may change each year with new names being added and others increasing in popularity again.”

Sometimes something as simple as a popular TV show or movie can lead to a surge in popularity for an otherwise unpopular name. 


Last year, parenting website BabyCentre revealed that one Marvel fan had even called their called Thanos, while there had also been a rise in the number of Lokis, Thors. 

There was also several Sex Education inspired monikers on the increase, including Otis and Maeve. 

In the same study, BabyCentre also revealed that not a single Piers, Clive, Dwayne, Glynis, Maud or Doris had been registered in 2021. 

While, Glenda, Pauline, Tina, Clifford and Norman also made their way on the ‘danger’ list.

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