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What happens after contestants win MrBeast's challenges

Dominic Smithers

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What happens after contestants win MrBeast's challenges

It's safe to say with no fear of overstating the fact that MrBeast is a social media colossus.

With millions of followers and subscribers, and billions of views of his videos, he is comfortably one of the biggest streamers on the planet.

Over the past year alone, he's given away over $3 million plus millions more in prizes, including a secluded island and a private jet.

But what actually happens when the time comes for MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, to hand over the goods?


Well, according to the man himself, it's not quite as straight forward as you might think.

MrBeast explained what happens after someone wins one of his competitions. Credit: TMG podcast
MrBeast explained what happens after someone wins one of his competitions. Credit: TMG podcast

Speaking on the TMG podcast, the 24-year-old said that he comes in for a lot of criticism from people online, many of whom claim that he's doing people over.

But he says that his stunts actually really do a lot of good, and make people better off financially.


He explained: "Here’s the thing, a lot of people don’t understand because they’re like, ‘Oh! MrBeast f***ks people over he gives them prizes and taxes'. Just sell it, sell it! Sometimes I’ll just buy it if they don’t want it.

"Well, I’ll give it to them if they’re like, ‘Ah the taxes', I’ll just be like, ‘Ok here, I’ll just give you what I think I could sell for'."

The YouTuber went on: "So we usually give them a couple options and a lot of people choose the latter. But some people will take it and just sell it themselves.


"So for the jet, we paid like $2.5m for it, so if, you know, if you’re the random person the YouTuber picks, then you can just sell it for probably like at least $2.1m, and after taxes, you have like £1.4m.

"But Twitter will be like, ‘Holy s**t, guys, here’s how MrBeast just f**ked this guy over, ruined their life by giving them the Jet'.

"It’s like no, you don’t understand how money works."

However, while some have made money from his competitions, one lad took another route after he managed to pay off his mortgage by flogging tons of snide MrBeast gear.


YouTuber WillNE had been a contestant on one of MrBeast's videos, where the last person to take their hand off a jet plane would get to keep it, and admitted he didn't really have to willpower to stay in that particular challenge until the end.

He didn't manage to win the jet, but he was able to trot out a line of merchandise 'so good even the man himself didn't realise' it was fake.

WiilNe said: "Instead of stealing this man's video ideas we'd steal his merch revenue instead", and created a clothing line which looks suspiciously like MrBeast's name and logo, but isn't.


While MrBeast's logo has a blue roaring tiger, the knock-off merchandise line is instead 'Mr Beats' and features an animal that one unimpressed observer said 'looks like a meerkat'.

Even though the merchandise is fake, the money it makes is very much real, and WillNE has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales from the gear.

Featured Image Credit: MrBeast

Topics: YouTube, Viral

Dominic Smithers
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