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MrBeast is now the most followed YouTube content creator after overtaking PewDiePie

Charisa Bossinakis

| Last updated 

MrBeast is now the most followed YouTube content creator after overtaking PewDiePie

MrBeast has surpassed PewDiePie as the world's most subscribed to YouTube individual content creator.

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, has officially become the number one YouTube influencer with 111 million subscribers and counting.

Dextero posted a clip showing the moment it happened, with MrBeast getting tens of thousands of followers in just one day, while PewDiePie was only getting a tenth of that.


After reaching his longtime goal of acquiring 100 million subscribers in July, MrBeast continued growing his fandom.

According to Forbes, the 24-year-old earned USD $54 million (£39.5m or AUD $80.5m) in 2021, with his net worth currently being USD $25 million (AUD $37.3m or £21.9m).

He reportedly makes around USD $5 million (AUD $7.7m or £4.4m) a month, making him YouTube’s highest-paid content creator.

According to Dexterto, the YouTuber launched his channel a little over a decade ago; however, his platform only really began to gain some traction in 2017 through his impressive stunts and money giveaways.


In a 2018 video titled ‘How I Gave Away $1,000,000’, MrBeast explained to his followers how he accumulated such wealth through the platform, adding that companies helped him to donate money.

During an episode FULL SEND PODCAST, MrBeast further elaborated on his money-making formula.

Back when MrBeast was just starting to get a significant number of subscribers on YouTube, he would receive brand deals as a reward.


His first brand deal was worth USD $5,000 (AUD$7,458 or £4,400), and rather than pocketing the money for himself, he thought of a brilliant way to gain attention.

MrBeast would smartly give his brand deal money away to a stranger and video himself doing so.

Of course, these videos would generate millions of views, instantly making him a force to be reckoned with in their digital world.


MrBeast said: "So the first time I got a brand deal is 10 grand, well it's five grand, and I was like double it and I'll go give it away.

"So I literally I just gave away all my brand deals every single time I got one so I did that and the next time.

"I just literally, I would just do a brand deal give it away and then the next brand deal was bigger and I just did that for like two years straight."

Donaldson explained how a couple of years ago, it was challenging to convince people that you could make a living by being a YouTuber.


He said: "Back then you would have to like have f**king five-hour arguments 100 days in a row just to convince your mom that YouTube is a thing, you know, which you just don't have to do anymore.

"It was just a different time for us."

Well, he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Featured Image Credit: mrbeast/Instagram. PewDiePie/YouTube

Topics: YouTube, Social Media, News, PewDiePie

Charisa Bossinakis
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