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Man pays off his mortgage by creating fake MrBeast merchandise

Man pays off his mortgage by creating fake MrBeast merchandise

A guy has made enough money to pay off his mortgage after rustling up some fake MrBeast merch

A man has made enough money to pay off his mortgage after selling fake MrBeast merchandise - which even got a thumbs up from the man himself.

If you've not heard of MrBeast then you need to spend more time on YouTube, as last year he became the highest earning YouTuber in history and his videos rack up millions of views.

His channel now boasts over 131 million subscribers who keep up with his antics and content, which is handy because he's made plenty of videos where people can strike it rich in one of his challenges.

MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, forks over cash for challenges which can make his videos pretty expensive to make, but his audience just keeps growing.

However, he's not the only person riding the MrBeast gravy train as one enterprising soul made enough money to clear out his mortgage by making and selling fake merchandise.

One YouTuber made enough to pay off his mortgage with fake Mr Beast merchandise.

YouTuber WillNE had been a contestant on one of MrBeast's videos where the last person to take their hand off a jet plane would get to keep it, and admitted he didn't really have to willpower to stay in that particular challenge until the end.

He didn't manage to win the jet, but he was able to trot out a line of merchandise 'so good even the man himself didn't realise' it was fake.

WiilNe said 'instead of stealing this man's video ideas we'd steal his merch revenue instead', and created a clothing line which looks suspiciously like MrBeast's name and logo but isn't.

While MrBeast's logo has a blue roaring tiger, the knock-off merchandise line is instead 'Mr Beats' and features an animal one unimpressed observer said 'looks like a meerkat'.

Even though the merchandise is fake, the money it makes is very much real, and WillNE has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales from the gear.

The YouTuber posted his profits online and it's a tidy sum.

As for MrBeast himself, he apparently 'doesn't give a f**k about materialistic things in life' so it's maybe understandable that he's not bothered someone is making a good living off fake merchandise.

The YouTuber says he lives in a dorm room, though he's not exactly lacking for cash and does make a distinction between having money and having lots of fancy luxury items.

That's not to say he hasn't lived the high life, as he's enjoyed spending a night in a $1 million hotel.

He also revealed he once turned down an offer of $1 billion to buy his channel, and he said he didn't want to end up working for what used to be his own YouTube channel.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/WillNE

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