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Mum refuses to tell partner baby's gender after he skips scan to go for chippy with pal

Mum refuses to tell partner baby's gender after he skips scan to go for chippy with pal

A mum has refused to tell her partner their baby's gender reveal because he skipped the scan to go and have a chippy with a mate

A soon-to-be Mum is refusing to tell her partner their baby's gender after he skipped the scan to go and have a chippy with one of his mates.

The pregnant woman took to the social media forum site Reddit to discuss her situation, and ask if she is in the wrong for not telling him.

The anonymous woman said that the couple are both excited to welcome their newborn baby, but her partner had missed previous doctor's appointments.

She said: "He's willing to miss the dr appointment over soccer or a drink or board game with friends. His response is always 'I'm not the one carrying the baby, why do I have to go see the dr with you?'"

And recently, the woman has reached her 'final straw', after her partner said that he didn't want to go to the gender reveal scan at the very last minute because his friend had invited him out for fish and chips.

The father missed the gender reveal scan.
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She continued: " I was pretty livid but didn't make a fuss about it. Mom went with me instead.

"He texted asking me to tell him the results (boy or girl) but I refused to tell him. He kept spam calling me but I hung up each time."

The soon-to-be mum revealed how her partner was not too happy when he returned home as she wouldn't tell him what gender their baby is.

She continued: "He came home fuming demanding I tell him the results but I refused and bluntly told him, since he refused to attend the appointment then he gets no results til after the baby's born and said I was willing to die on this hill.

"He went off calling me spiteful and immature for doing this and punishing him.

"He said he's the father and has the right to know.

"He then called me dramatic since I wasn't alone and mom was with me. I said he gets no results period.

"He's been fuming about it and told his family and they're now pressuring me to stop playing mind games with him and tell him but I declined."

Instead, he went for a chippy with a mate.
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The woman later updated the post saying that her husband tried to contact the doctors to get the results, but couldn't as his mum rang up.

She said this didn't go down well and the couple ended up having another argument over it.

Many Reddit users have taken to the comment section of the post, with the majority on the woman's side.

One person said: "I would drop a friend if I found out they prioritised fish n chips over their wife and baby's doctor appointment."

A second added: "AI too support her hill! It’s not like it was a no miss opp. Come on now, bruh."

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