People Are Discovering 8D Music For The First Time And It's Blowing Their Minds

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People Are Discovering 8D Music For The First Time And It's Blowing Their Minds

Now that a lot of people are in self-isolation, you're probably missing going out to a bar, a club or listening to live music.

Having music blast over the speakers in every direction or sit quietly in the background while you finish a couple of pints seems like a world away now.

But there is a type of music that can pretty much replicate this sensation.


There is a song doing the rounds on social media that you have to listen to with headphones otherwise it doesn't 'work'.

The track is Pentatonix's remix of Billie Eilish's 'ilomilo' but it's not your average remix.

The 8D mix has capitalised on a really cool piece of music technology that makes it sound like the music is rotating around in your head.

At different points in the track, it can sound like it's several metres away rather than being right inside your ear.


It might seem like it's being played on the right side of your head and then suddenly it will appear behind you, in front of you and then to the left side.

One person responding to the track on social media said: "8D always trips me up; it is as if I can envision the musical notes around my head going from side to side.

"I made my grandma hear this with headphones without any explanation and her expression was priceless."


Another added: "This is so freaking awesome!!"

A third said: "It feels like an out-of-body thing, and I can't figure out why it makes me feel so much more in the music than a normal stereo mix does."

Just so we're clear, there's no such thing as an eighth dimension (that we know of yet), but it's meant to describe the sensation of hearing music from practically anywhere and everywhere.


8D audio mimics surround sound audio technology but manages to do it with just two earphones or headphones instead of a bunch of speakers.

It's done in the mixing studio where music engineers can manipulate a 'song's various stereo parts, placing and moving them within a virtual 360-degree space', according to Mel Magazine's Eddie Kim.

If you're skeptical of the whole thing, give one of the above tracks a listen with some headphones. Close your eyes and get ready to experience a sensation that you might find strange at first but will soon be obsessed with.

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