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Woman Mocked For Wearing Metallica Shirt Asked To Name Three Songs And Then Plays Them On Guitar

Woman Mocked For Wearing Metallica Shirt Asked To Name Three Songs And Then Plays Them On Guitar

The ultimate response

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A woman has spectacularly hit back at trolls who mocked her for wearing a Metallica shirt, suggesting she didn't actually like the band, by playing their songs on guitar.

In the video, which was shared on TikTok, the North Carolina-based singer and musician shared a patronising comment, where someone had asked her to 'name three Metallica songs' after she was pictured wearing a Ride the Lightning-era shirt.

Others said she 'didn't really like' them, with one saying she was wearing it 'just for fashion'.

But the 21-year-old didn't just take the trolls' jokes, instead incredibly shutting them down by playing "Master of Puppets," "Enter Sandman," and the guitar lead in "One."

Zaria Joyner told the Daily Dot: "I decided to respond to that comment because I've been a Metallica fan for such a long time but I'd never showed that side of me on TikTok.

"I've been a self-taught guitarist since 15 and Metallica was the band that influenced me to pick it up and inspired my journey with music."

The account that initially made the comment is now deactivated - probably because they feel a bit stupid after being publicly torn to shreds.

Joyner added: "I really just thought it would be funny and I didn't expect the response that the video received."

She added: "The supportive comments just kept rolling in."

The comments are indeed full of admiration for Zaria.

One person wrote: "I just know they wouldn't ask a dude wearing a Metallica shirt to name three songs."

Another said: "Picking up the guitar and playing instead of just naming songs was the ultimate clap back."

A third commented: "It's gonna take me a while to pick up all these mics you dropped."

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