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Mystery Solved After Driver Parks On Furious Family's Drive For Five Days

Mystery Solved After Driver Parks On Furious Family's Drive For Five Days

Debbie Flynn and her partner were fuming when they found the car on their drive last week

A family who have had a stranger's car parked on their driveway for almost week have finally solved the mystery.

Debbie Flynn and her partner Leon live in Birmingham and were livid when they found a Vauxhall Mokka sat on their drive last Wednesday (13 April).

And despite their efforts to get rid of it, police told the couple that they were unable to help them.

Debbie even shared a post on social media to try and track down its owner, but to no avail.

Speaking over the weekend, the mum-of-two said: "I am fuming because there is no law to stop anyone parking on your drive.

"It's like the car just dropped out of the sky. It's a complete mystery. We don't understand how or why this has happened but as the owner hasn't returned all week, we suspect it's due to someone selling a space on my drive close to the airport. 

"We went to bed about 10.30pm on Tuesday night (12 April) and when my partner woke the next morning, it was parked on our drive.

"The cheeky gits opened my gate and parked it and shut the gates after leaving it on the grass. The police officer who came to see us said he had never seen anything like this in all his years."

Debbie said that she also called her landlord to see if he had anything to do with it.

It turns out Debbie's landlord had previously registered the land with a parking app.

She said: "My first thought when it happened was that it was my landlord. I did send him a text that wasn’t very polite but when the landlord made contact, he reassured me it wasn’t his car."

However, Debbie has now revealed that her landlord got back in touch with her and admitted that he might have had something to do with it after all.

It turns out he had registered the driveway to a parking app several years ago.

Debbie explained: "One of the first things I did when I found the car was to ask the landlord if he knew anything about it and he said he didn't.

"The landlord has since been in touch and said that years ago he opened a parking app for his drive.

"He has just checked his emails and a female driver has emailed him saying she has parked on his drive, gone on holiday and will be back next week. I can’t believe it."

According to John Charnock, of Stress Free Car Rental, homeowners who find unwanted cars parked on their drive can't do much about it.

If it's fully taxed and has passed its MOT, and is not parked dangerously, the council is unable to move it.

But Debbie isn't the first person to have had a stranger's motor parked where it's not wanted.

A charity shop in Birmingham was forced to close for the day after an inconsiderate driver selfishly parked right in front of the store's front door.

With the driver nowhere to be seen, and no way to move it or even get to the door, the shop was left with no choice but to stay closed for the day - a decision which they believe cost them at least £200.

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