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Someone has made a Late Late Toy Show drinking game…

Someone has made a Late Late Toy Show drinking game…

Someone has created a Late Late Toy Show drinking game, and it’ll turn even the biggest grinch into a fan!

Someone has created a Late Late Toy Show drinking game, and it’ll turn even the biggest grinch into a fan!

It’s that time of year again and while we aren’t too sure what the first Toy Show is going to look like without Ryan Tubridy, at LADBible Ireland, we’re sure some things won’t change!

In case you’re living under a rock, the Late Late Toy Show is an annual tradition in Ireland, all the way since 1974! In the 74 years, the show has become a fixture in almost every sitting room in the country with kids waiting to write their Santa Lists until Tubs hit the big screens.

With laughter, youthful musical acts, and a heavy touch of chaos, it's more than just a toy show! It’s a chance for jaded adults to feel a bit like a child again, in this festive rollercoaster where nostalgia and hilarity collide. It’s the one night a year that the adults might find themselves writing their very own Christmas lists!

Instagram: EvnDoherty
Instagram: EvnDoherty

The rules for the game, which were posted on StagParty, tell Late Late Toy Show viewers to take a sip of their drinks whenever:

Every time Patrick Kielty says “There’s One For Everyone In The Audience”

A new host surely can’t change the eternal catch phrase, take a swig every time he says it!

A child goes rogue!

Every time a child goes rogue or gets lost from the two-wheel procession, you’re catching up with a drink of your own.

Cheeky, cheeky!

Kids these days are always cheeky, and every time they give a cheeky answer you’re taking a drink!

Stage Fright!

Awh bless them, some of the kids can’t handle the lights like the host. Hoist a glass every time they get stage fright!

Feck, Darn it, Fiddlesticks!

Tubs couldn’t resist a quick slip-up, if Kielty makes the same mistake and swears put your glass to your lips!

Down with the kids!

Take a sip every time Kielty tries to be super-cool and funny!

There’s a question for somebody in the audience!

Every time an unsuspecting audience member is ambushed with a question and gets it right, take a drink!

Dustin the house.

Finish your drink is the Toy Show’s favourite Turkey pops out for some screentime!

Off the script!

Take a sip if a child, or the host, forget the script and keep playing with their toys!

“Where’s the button?”

We’re sure Kielty will struggle like Tubs did to find the button to make those toys stop talking! If he results to percussive maintenance and clatters it to stop the din, you’re taking a sip!

This last rule is sure to leave you waking up with a sore head…

Made in Ireland

If Kielty mentions have a toy is Made In Ireland, you’re taking a drink of something Irish… Nothing Irish in the house? You’ve to take double!

I don’t think I can handle it, but if you do, let us know on social media!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram: EvnDoherty

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