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Three More People Have Been Arrested At Storm Area 51 Events

Three More People Have Been Arrested At Storm Area 51 Events

Around 3,000 people have descended on the top-secret military base

Three more people have been arrested at the 'Storm Area 51' event in Nevada, Lincoln County police has confirmed.

Around 3,000 gathered at various festival sites, and The Guardian reports a further 150 got within 'selfie distance' of the top secret US military base last week in a vain attempt at finding out what the government is really hiding in there - definitely aliens.

However, while most of it seems to have gone along without too much drama, a handful of people have been detained by police in the last few days, with the latest haul bringing the total to five following two arrests on Thursday.

Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee confirmed that three people had been taken in for trespassing, a fourth was then arrested for indecent exposure after urinating near an entrance to the base, while another person was also detained for an alcohol-related incident.

But Lee told the media that officers hadn't witnessed too much trouble and he hopes it continues that way.

Three people have been arrested for allegedly trespassing.

The 51-year-old said: "I don't want to jinx myself, but so far it's gone pretty well."

The 'Storm Area 51' event became something of a cultural phenomenon earlier this year, even when it was removed from Facebook and morphed into a music festival called Alien Stock.

And while you may think it's just encouraged a bunch of deluded alien hunters to charge one of the most heavily-guarded military bases in the world, it's effect has been felt much more widely than that.

It has also inspired a whole genre of adult films, with one movie claiming to have uncovered the truth behind Area 51.

Yep, while many people are watching on feeling completely baffled by the whole thing, others have decided to use the Area 51 hype to their advantage - like the folk behind Pornhub Raids Area 51, a parody porn film about two adult film stars raiding Area 51 and making contact with an alien.

The bizarre event has even inspired a new genre of porn.

Starring April O'Neil, Lauren Philips, 'a mystery friend' and 'an alien', the movie comes from the outsider porn aficionados at WoodRocket.

The synopsis reads: "Do aliens exist? If so, are they horny? What is life like away from Earth? These are the mysteries that have baffled humankind for centuries.

"Finally, these mysteries have been solved. Pornhub has discovered a video featuring two porn stars raiding Area 51 and then having sex with an alien."

April O'Neil says in the trailer: "So, we figured we'd document what goes on here tonight just in case we don't make it back out."

Lauren Philips adds: "If everything goes right, this video will be proof that what we know exists in the middle of the Nevada desert, indeed exists"

So, at least it hasn't been a totally wasted journey.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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