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For £1,700 This Man Will Break Up With Your Partner For You

For £1,700 This Man Will Break Up With Your Partner For You

No one wants to end a relationship. It's pretty grim. You have to go and actually meet up and tell the other person that you don't love them anymore - or maybe never did. Then you have to end it with the inevitable 'let's still be friends, though'. And let's face it, you both know that's a lie.

Well, here's a way to make it easier - one man is now offering to do the dirty work for you. Austrian matchmaker-turned-heartbreaker Peter Treichl will pay a visit to your other half - or 'target', as he calls them - and end things once and for all.

Speaking to Vice, Peter says he always gets to their house early in the morning so they have the time to digest the sad news.

He said: "Some targets just laugh when I tell them, while others think there's a hidden camera somewhere.


"Lots of people dump their partners over WhatsApp or Facebook - at least my style has a little more decency.

"I get there so early, people are often not even dressed when I turn up. This one time, the guy was still in his vest, with a shirt in hand. Behind him, a naked woman ran by shouting, 'Who's that?' My message hadn't come as a shock to him, as he'd already found someone new. His wife was well aware of all this - that's why she didn't want to be with him anymore."

That decency he talks about, however, comes with a price and it starts at €365 (£323 / $408) for the 'on the spot' package or a 'let's be friends' deal, which costs the same.

Peter will visit your other half and dump them. Credit: Peter Franz/Facebook
Peter will visit your other half and dump them. Credit: Peter Franz/Facebook

Peter even offers a 'yellow card' package, for those who aren't quite ready to get rid just yet, but one more false move and it's 'bye bye'.

However, if you really want to push the boat out, you can opt for the 'luxury' package, which will set you back a whopping €2,000 (£1,773 / $2,239).

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This is a tailor-made break-up, Peter says. "People can be very inventive, especially when they're annoyed. One client turned their break-up with his wife into a three-week journey of separation."

But if you're sat there thinking 'this Pete sounds like a nasty piece of work', then think again - the dumpee doesn't leave empty handed.


"I give everyone I dump my breakup box", he says. "It contains prosecco, chocolate, a packet of tissues and a voucher for my dating agency, which I run alongside the break-up agency - because, as I tell my targets, 'Nobody should be alone.' I was a matchmaker for 20 years before I started breaking people up.

Peter always gives the dumpees a care package to ease the break-up. Credit: Peter Franz/Facebook
Peter always gives the dumpees a care package to ease the break-up. Credit: Peter Franz/Facebook

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"At first, I was told that it was wrong for a matchmaker to start a break-up business, but it's a complete concept - nobody wants to be alone, but nobody wants to be in an unhappy relationship, either. And I'm just the messenger."

And it's not just young people who employ Pete to help them get out of unhappy relationships. He's contacted by spouses of all ages.


Looking back at a particularly tragic case, he said: "My oldest was 76, and his wife, who I had to ditch, was 74. The man got in touch because she didn't talk to him anymore, and he couldn't stand it.

"She would just say, 'That's fine, darling,' to everything he said. They didn't communicate anymore. When I came to the house, he shouted: 'Darling, the match-breaker is here!' She came up to me and I gave her the break-up box and said, 'Greetings from your husband.'

"She didn't deserve to to be alone, so, as I always do, I gave her a voucher for my dating service. As I turned to leave, I heard her say, 'Darling, I think we need to talk.' Everything was fine in the end - they stayed together."

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