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Parking valet loses control and smashes billionaire's two Lamborghinis into each other

Parking valet loses control and smashes billionaire's two Lamborghinis into each other

That's a bad day at the office

If you thought you were having a bad day at work, spare a thought for the parking valet who managed to accidentally smash a billionaire's two £1 million Lamborghinis into one another.

Australian entrepreneur Laurence Escalante had been enjoying a night at the Crown Towers Perth casino when disaster struck.

It's one hell of a flex having two Lamborghini Aventador Ultimaes, the final version of the luxury sports car brand's flagship model, let alone bringing them on a night out.

But Escalante, founder of Virtual Gaming Worlds, no doubt regretted the decision when a parking valet lost control of one of the supercars.

Footage that has since gone viral shows the aftermath as the poor bloke sits behind the wheel while other staff members and passersby come to see what happened.

"I really f***ed it up now," he says, before the guy behind the camera tells him, "No way bro, you've just f***ing ripped the c*** off," referring to the bumpers.

After stepping out of the car, no doubt still in shock, he explains: "See how those two pedals are too close together? I was pressing the break and then it just went."

The cameraman interjects, "You revved it up and f***ed it."

You've got to feel for the guy.

The incident unfolded at around 9:00pm local time yesterday (8 February). A spokesperson for Crown Resorts has confirmed that no one was injured and it is now investigating the collision.

"We can confirm that two vehicles were damaged in the driveway of Crown Towers Perth shortly after 9pm on Wednesday evening," they said.

"The safety of Crown’s team members and guests remains our priority. We are conducting a full assessment of the incident together with those involved.

"There were no injuries sustained from the incident."

The footage was shared by Jiu-Jitsu athlete Craig Jones on Instagram where it's received hundreds of comments from the online community.

One person who understands the risk involved with high-powered supercars said: "As someone who was a valet manager. This is the exact reason I was the only person to move exotic cars five feet forward.

"They were always left on the drive. That claim is going to be a massive insurance hit."

"He definitely getting fired," said another. "They have insurance they will bounce back. A good valet service usually have their top guys drive the fancy cars."

A third added, "That kid is way too calm for what he just did lol," while a fourth chimed in: "Imagine crashing a lambo….. INTO ANOTHER LAMBO."

Yep, that's a pretty bad day at the office.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@craigjonesbjj

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