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Patrice from The Inbetweeners has become a star in French TV and movies since iconic cameo

Patrice from The Inbetweeners has become a star in French TV and movies since iconic cameo

He's come a long way since his small cameo in the British sitcom

Nothing makes you feel more old than the fact The Inbetweeners aired its final episode nearly 12 years ago, and as expected with time, the actors from the show look very different from when they appeared as sixth-form students at Rudge Park Comprehensive School.

Fans of the hilarious sitcom might remember Vladimir Consigny, who played the role of Patrice, Simon's French exchange student for an episode in series two.

In series two episode 3, Will is celebrating his 17th birthday and has invited Simon, Jay and Neil round for a posh dinner party.

Vladimir Consigny played Patrice in series two episode 3.

Simon is forced to bring his French exchange student with him to the dinner by his parents.

Wearing his embarrassing new tank top bought by his mum, Will eventually decides to ditch the posh dinner party for a house party instead. Fair play.

Upon arrival at the house party, only Patrice is allowed in, with the four awkward lads having to go under the garden fence to get into the house.

It wasn't a great birthday for Will, as he walks in on his crush Charlotte Hinchcliffe in bed with Patrice, but later gets revenge by telling Charlotte's ex-boyfriend and school bully Donovan what had happened.

That was the last we saw of Patrice...

Now, Consigny has become a French TV star, appearing in some of the country's biggest TV series and movies.

The 34-year-old, who provides regular updates to his fans on social media, is arguably best known for his role on La vie devant elles.

He has also appeared on TV series Genius and played André Blandin in the recent movie Le Petite Femelle, which hit cinemas in 2021.

The actor followed in the footsteps of his mother, French actor Anne Consigny and even starred alongside each other in the critically-acclaimed series The Returned.

The main stars of The Inbetweeners have not had too shabby a career after the sitcom, either.

Simon Bird (William McKenzie) has gone on to play Adam Goodman in the hugely popular Channel 4 comedy Friday Night Dinner.

Meanwhile, James Buckley (Jay Cartwright) has dipped into the YouTube community with his popular channel Completed It Mate, where he streams himself playing the latest video games.

Joe Thomas (Simon Cooper) has appeared in sitcom Chickens and BBC's White Gold, while Blake Harrison (Neil Sutherland) has starred in A Very English Scandal on Amazon Prime and BBC's World on Fire.

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