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People are very angry as first Christmas advert released in October

People are very angry as first Christmas advert released in October have bravely decided to release their advert for Christmas 2022 in October

It's safe to say that some people aren't best pleased with the release of's 2022 Christmas advert - in October. Take a look at the ad below if you fancy some early festivities:

"Christmas isn't just one day, it's lots of days," says the actor in Very's newest advert, which has gotten viewers pretty wound up over having to think about gift-giving and kissing under the mistletoe two weeks before before Halloween and bonfire night.

The ad features a mother who is celebrating Christmas early in the form of 'early Christmas, work Christmas, birthday Christmas and kid-free Christmas'.

But as festive and wholesome as the advert is, people clearly aren't in the Christmassy mood just yet.

Christmas has come early for the Very Group!

One unimpressed viewer commented: "No matter how much I love Christmas, Very already doing their Christmas advert is ridiculous! Not even had Halloween yet, wtf."

Another added: "I'm sorry but Very can shove their Christmas TV advert so far up their asses... It's f**kin' October!!!"


A fourth said: "Do my upmost every year to make sure the first Christmas advert I see is the Coca Cola one… I can’t believe that that’s been ruined this year, not even a full TWO WEEKS into OCTOBER by bloody Very. It hasn’t even been Halloween ffs."

Is October a bit too early for festivities?

Someone else added: "Wtaf, 7th October and I see the first Christmas advert for #very..... really? This is what's wrong with Christmas these starts 12 weeks before the actual day... bloody ridiculous."

However, not everyone was as disappointed with the advert, with one person commenting: "Am I complaining about there being a Christmas advert in October…..NO LET IT BE CHRISTMAS."

The advert was officially released on YouTube on October 7.

LADbible has contacted The Very Group for comment.

People can't believe there's a Christmas advert before Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Well, this isn't the first time the retail business has faced some Scrooge-like criticism as last year, they caused quite the stir by releasing their Christmas ad on 1 November.

At the time, Carly O’Brien, chief marketing officer at The Very Group, said: "At Very, our purpose is about enabling people to purchase what they need – be it treats or everyday items – that create joy ‘this Very moment’.

"After Christmas was pared back for many last year by last-minute lockdowns, we wanted to get into the spirit early and unashamedly embrace the season as soon as the leaves start to fall.

"As the ultimate Christmas enthusiasts and champions of now, we have focused on empowering and enabling our customers to say yes to all the excuses that make their Christmas so wonderful."

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