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People Confused By Astro Turf Toilet Spotted In UK Pub

Poppy Bilderbeck

| Last updated 

People Confused By Astro Turf Toilet Spotted In UK Pub

A UK pub has left some people baffled over its fake grass toilet decor.

The idea of a strip of green grass in the toilet could have you thinking this pub has invested in a classic novelty game of toilet golf.

Or perhaps it's trying to make the men's loos slightly more enjoyable by convincing punters they're out in the wilderness and not in some grotty cubicle on the outskirts of nowhere.

Either way, the fake grass has attracted a fair bit of attention, and Reddit users have since flocked to the image of the pub's green interior design in debate.

Some Reddit users have been left baffled over a pub's toilet design. Credit: Alamy
Some Reddit users have been left baffled over a pub's toilet design. Credit: Alamy

The image, shared on the r/CasualUK thread, shows a loo in a UK pub that has a toilet seat cover made of a strip of grass, a cut out patch of grass where the flush button is, and a strip of glass lining the back shelf above the loo.

All flat surfaces are effectively clothed in a furry green sheet.

The user stated: "Saw this in a pub last night and it took a while for me to realise they hadn’t done this coz it’s the men’s and we like football!"

Other Redditers have been quick to comment on the post, with some in similar confusion at first as to the logic behind the design.

"I don't get it, why did they do it?" one baffled user asked.

Another swiftly replied: "Can't snort off AstroTurf."

"Ffs took me way too long to get what he meant even with the comments," a third said.

While one user joked there would be, 'No white lines on this pitch,' others were quick to point out the flaws in the design.

"Jokes on them, everyone has a phone now which is a much more sanitary surface to snort class A's off of and it'll sit nicely on top of the AstroTurf," a user suggested.

Another suggested the pub should use 'some strong ceiling fans above the cubicles' instead.

A third user explained: "The thing with licensing is you only really need to show that you're making a genuine effort. The owner may be naive, but they might also be aware that they just need to point at something and say look we're making it a hostile place to do drugs."

They added their 'bigger concern' was actually to do with 'hygiene'. "How tf are you going to clean toilet AstroTurf clean? It's going to end up covered in piss, s**t, toilet paper, and goodness knows what else. If I were their cleaner I'd be looking for another job because no way I'm cleaning s**t off AstroTurf," they said.

While it seems some pubs use AstroTurf as a deterrent, other venues have been trialling 'anti-cocaine spray'.

If you want friendly, confidential advice about drugs, you can talk to FRANK. You can call 0300 123 6600, text 82111 or contact through their website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, or livechat from 2pm-6pm any day of the week 

Featured Image Credit: r/sannawk/Reddit/Alamy

Topics: UK News, Viral, Reddit, Social Media

Poppy Bilderbeck
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