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People are absolutely disgusted by Pepsi's new 'Pilk' advert

People are absolutely disgusted by Pepsi's new 'Pilk' advert

"I hope the people drinking this disgusting concoction chase it with a Tide Pod"

Pepsi has put forward an idea for a new Christmas tipple named 'Pilk' and it looks like people are already giving it the hard no.

The fizzy drink giant shared its 'naughty' and 'nice' idea in a new advert featuring none other than Lindsay Lohan dressed in a similar getup to her Mean Girls 'Jingle Bell Rock' routine.

In the clip, the 36-year-old star is seen pouring herself a nice, refreshing glass of the sugary soda, saying: "Nice."

But she then throws an absolute curveball by picking up a jug of milk and proceeding to pour it inside, adding: "Ooh, naughty."

Lohan then simply states: "Pepsi and milk... Pilk."

We're not sure what the message is here - are they seriously wanting us to try this? Or is it just a stunt designed to go viral?

Whatever the case, it's safe to say people aren't into the idea, with many branding it 'disgusting'.

"That is so gross, what a DISGUSTING mixture with milk," wrote one on Twitter.

Another said: "First of all....I'm not convinced anyone actually likes Pepsi. Second, how does adding milk to it make it better?

"I hope the people drinking this disgusting concoction chase it with a Tide Pod."


A third added: "I mixed Tang and milk once as a kid and it was disgusting just like I thought so when I heard about milk and Pepsi I thought about it and decided no."

Elaborating on why mixing these two liquids together might not be the best idea, a fourth chimed in: "I saw an amateur science experiment with that once.

"After a while, the bottom will be yellow chunks of milk and the top layer will be a yellowish-white liquid. Disgusting.

"It was to show what those two things will do mixed in your stomach. Pepsi acid dissolves calcium in milk."

And while that might be enough to put most of us off our roast dinners, not everyone is against the idea of 'Pilk'.

"I’m seeing #Pilk trending and all these people saying how disgusting it sounds/is," wrote one Twitter user.

"Now I’ve never tried milk with Pepsi, but I’ve had milk with coke since I was a kid. I dunno where my dad got the idea or if it’s a common thing - but I like it."

Others pointed out that it's sort of similar to a coke float or other such concoctions, including this person who said: "I did used to mix Pepsi with my Kahlua to give it a rootbeer float type of texture so I cant really judge too much."

The idea of 'Pilk' hasn't gone down too well.

Despite this justification, something about the idea of a Pepsi and milk just doesn't sit right.

"Bruh, I just saw that new pepsi ad where santa mixes Pepsi with milk," said another. "I'm sorry but that's a big f**king N and O from me.

"Like, I know cola or root beer mixed with vanilla ice-cream is popular, but you're not going to convince me to try 'Pilk'."

The people have spoken - sounds like most will be sticking to their Eggnog this year, thank you very much.

Featured Image Credit: Pepsi

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