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PETA Calls For Britain's 'Oldest Pub' To Be Renamed And Have All-Vegan Menu

PETA Calls For Britain's 'Oldest Pub' To Be Renamed And Have All-Vegan Menu

The pub, which dates back to 793AD, has been asked to come 'into the 21st century'

Animal rights group PETA has suggested that Britain's 'oldest pub' should change its name from Ye Olde Fighting Cocks and move to an all-vegan menu.

The proposal came days after pub landlord Christo Tofalli, 53, announced he was leaving the 1,300-year-old boozer due to financial difficulties brought on by the pandemic, and the charity has even suggested some potential new names.

Facebook/Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks' parent company is currently looking for a new landlord after Mr Tofalli took to social media to tell people he has been left 'heartbroken' but took the opportunity to express his gratitude for playing a 'small part in its history'.

Now, PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - is seizing the moment to demand a '21st-century revamp' of the pub, which dates back to 793AD and once hosted Oliver Cromwell. 

Activists say the pub's name 'calls to mind the violence and cruelty of a hideous blood sport that has been outlawed in the UK for more than a century'.

PETA has suggested that the pub could be renamed 'The Happy Hens', 'Ye Olde Clever Cocks' or 'The Cheery Chooks'.

Campaigners are also demanding the pub, which served classic British grub, adopt a fully plant-based menu.

Facebook/Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

The open letter, penned by PETA's vegan chief Dawn Carr, calls on pub company Mitchells & Butlers to 'bring the pub into the 21st century' with the changes. 

But local punters have ridiculed the proposals for undermining the boozer's history. 

One person wrote on Facebook: "As an eco aware animal loving human, there’s no way they should change the name. 

"Why don’t they put their time, energy and other resources into helping real animal cruelty and leave history and heritage which speaks truth - light and dark - to crack on?!"

Another agreed, adding: "Not everyone wants to eat vegan food. Why change a historical pub name."


In a simple defiant comment, someone else wrote: "Bonkers. Why is it even any of their business."

Other residents threatened to boycott the pub if it adopted PETA's proposals. 

One person said: "If it goes all vegan I’m not going," in agreement, another commented: "Bunch of idiots, pub in crisis, lets alienate it even more with a menu for what, less than a quarter of the areas population?"

Mitchells & Butlers was contacted for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

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