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Piers Morgan slammed for already attacking Meghan Markle over Queen's funeral

Piers Morgan slammed for already attacking Meghan Markle over Queen's funeral

The broadcaster couldn't resist laying into Meghan Markle

In news that comes as a surprise to absolutely no one, Piers Morgan has been slammed for laying into Meghan Markle during his coverage of the Queen's funeral. Watch what he had to say below:

As Fox News covered the monumental occasion, both Piers Morgan, 57, and Sharon Osborne took the opportunity to criticise Markle.

The pair have a long past of criticising Markle so, for many, the shocking comments came as no surprise.

Morgan's comments attacked Prince Harry and Markle for their interview with Oprah Winfrey last year in which the pair discussed alleged racism within the Royal Family.

Morgan said: "She did [the Oprah interview] right after Prince Philip was taken into hospital, knowing that none of them were able to respond because none of them respond to this kind of thing.

Piers Morgan has a long past of attacking Meghan Markle.

"The last two years of the Queen's life were constantly having to deal with these two going public attacking the Royal Family and the monarchy."

Morgan then went on to criticise Markle merely for attending the funeral.

He said: "When I see her at all these events this week, I think a lot of British people find it very hard to stomach because they think, well, you made the Queen’s life so difficult the last two years of her life."

Osborne chimed in with: "At a time when she should have had peace."

The attacks were met across the internet with due outrage.

One Twitter user posted: "Imagine being so empty that your days get fulfilled by constantly attacking Meghan for nothing, but existing. Get over it he made his choice worry about your own which you have plenty! Her life is cleaner than either of you!"

Meghan Markle at the Queen's funeral.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Another Twitter user chimed in with: "Won't listen but they are airing that during the actual funeral coverage?? Wow, that's disgusting."

A third said: "Somewhere Piers Morgan is foaming with anger and is trying to find a reason to blame Meghan Markle for anything his smooth brain can twist as attention seeking."

A fourth claimed: "Piers Morgan’s obsession with Meghan Markle has reached scary and creepy levels."

The late Queen was laid to rest yesterday (19 September) at the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle alongside her late husband, Prince Phillip.

The Royal Family's official website read: “The Queen was buried together with the Duke of Edinburgh, at The King George VI Memorial Chapel."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/PA

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