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Pizza Hut breaks record for world's largest pizza ever made

Pizza Hut breaks record for world's largest pizza ever made

Teaming up with a YouTuber, Pizza Hut have set a new world record for the largest ever pizza

Pizza Hut has just set a new world record for making the largest pizza ever, and this one is so incredibly huge that it's taken up almost 14,000 square feet.

It needed to be huge to beat the previous Guinness World Record holders for making the largest pizza, which had been cooked up by a team of five people in Rome in 2012 where they'd made one that was 13,580 square feet in size.

That was a gluten free pizza called 'Ottavia', and the chefs had to bake the dough in over 5,000 separate batches over the course of 48 hours.

It required specialist equipment to cook it all and beat the previous record holder which had been set in 1990 by food company Dr Schar and their 122ft diameter pizza.

This new one which has clinched the record was made in by Pizza Hut and YouTuber Airrack, real name Eric Decker, and so large that it had to be spread out over the floor at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

You're looking at the largest pizza ever made, and it certainly didn't go to waste.

To piece together this mighty pizza took a truly staggering amount of ingredients including 13,653 pounds of dough, over 8,800 pounds of cheese and 4,948 pounds of marinara sauce.

This pizza came with toppings as well, as over 630,000 slices of pepperoni were scattered atop the gargantuan dish that almost hit 14,000 square feet in size.

There's no oven in the world that would cook a pizza this size (yet), let alone a pizza paddle large enough to get the thing out of the oven again, so it had to be cooked in pieces and assembled on site.

Pizza Hut are using this moment to celebrate the return of their 'Big New Yorker', and cooked the record breaking pie according to that recipe.

It was all put together on 18 January thanks to a dedicated team who rolled out the dough and crafted this massive meal.

There was enough pizza for about 68,000 slices which were donated to local charities.

You might also be wondering exactly what happened to all that pizza once the record had been set, and if you were worrying that it was all just left out to go a bit manky then fear not.

Instead it's been donated to local charities, and probably quite a few charities were given pizza considering that this new world record dish had enough to cut up over 68,000 slices.

Pizza Hut have done big giveaways of food before but making one so large it leaves you with tens of thousands of slices to hand out is just insane.

Given the tendency for world records to be broken it's not impossible that someone (or more likely several people) will one day create an even bigger pizza which blows this one out of the water.

When that day comes it would be very nice if they could send us a slice or two, once the folks from Guinness World Records are done measuring it of course.

Featured Image Credit: airrack/Instagram/AIRRACK & PIZZA HUT

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