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YouTuber candidate holds an L behind Rishi Sunak as he concedes defeat in General Election

YouTuber candidate holds an L behind Rishi Sunak as he concedes defeat in General Election

Rishi Sunak was mocked during the count at his Richmond seat

Rishi Sunak will no longer be the country's prime minister.

After what has proven to be a pretty embarrassing sweep of results for the Tories, the Labour party has won the general election.

Sir Keir Starmer will now start to pack up his things - if he hasn't already - and make the move to No.10 Downing Street.

But while he managed to keep hold of his own seat, Sunak suffered the indignity of being pranked by one of his fellow candidates in his Richmond seat.

In footage from the count, YouTuber, Niko Omilana - who previously ran to become London mayor - was seen holding a piece of paper with an 'L' written across it.

And it's safe to say people found it very, very funny indeed.

Sharing a clip on social media, one viewer said: "After Britain Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's historic loss on July 4th, YouTube prankster and fellow candidate Niko Omilana held an L sign to mock him ON NATIONAL TV.

"This is absolutely hilarious."

Ouch. (PA)
Ouch. (PA)

While the man himself, Omilana, wrote: 'Farewell Rishi, hold this L."

This comes after Sunak conceded defeat in this year's general election.

In a statement to supporters, he apologised for the loss, and took responsibility for it.

"The Labour Party has won this general election, and I’ve called Sir Keir Starmer to congratulate him on his victory," he said.

"Today, power will change hands in a peaceful and orderly manner, with goodwill on all sides. That is something that should give us all confidence in our country’s stability and future.

“The British people have delivered a sobering verdict tonight, there is much to learn… and I take responsibility for the loss.

"To the many good, hard-working Conservative candidates who lost tonight, despite their tireless efforts, their local records and delivery, and their dedication to their communities. I am sorry.”

Sunak leaving the count. (PA)
Sunak leaving the count. (PA)

On the flip side of that, though, Starmer was very happy with the outcome.

He told supporters: "You campaigned for it, you fought for it, you voted for it, and now it has arrived: change begins now.

“It feels good, I have to be honest. Four and a half years of work changing the party, this is is what it is for: a changed Labour Party ready to serve our country, ready to restore Britain to the service of working people.

“And now we can look forward, walk into the morning, the sunlight of hope, pale at first but getting stronger through the day, shining once again, on a country with the opportunity after 14 years to get its future back.”

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