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'Real-life' Baby Reindeer Fiona Harvey allegedly taunted Sir Keir Starmer in hundreds of emails

'Real-life' Baby Reindeer Fiona Harvey allegedly taunted Sir Keir Starmer in hundreds of emails

The woman who supposedly inspired the character Martha is accused of sending the Labour leader hundreds of abusive messages

The woman who has been dubbed the 'real life Martha' from Baby Reindeer is alleged to have bombarded Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer with hundreds of emails.

Following the unstoppable popularity of Richard Gadd's hit Netflix series which prompted internet sleuths to try and find the true identity of his stalker - despite his plea not too - Fiona Harvey emerged as the woman who supposedly inspired the character of Martha.

Harvey, who is originally from Aberdeenshire, even sat down with Piers Morgan earlier this month for an episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored to 'set the record straight' and 'have her say' on the saga.

It has now been alleged that the 58-year-old sent Sir Keir Starmer a string of abusive messages over an eight month period between January and August 2020.

The Sun reported that Harvey allegedly sent the politician 276 emails which were brimming with taunts, while some also included 'vicious attacks' on Sir Keir and his family.

The publication claimed that she branded him a 'non job', 'a stupid little boy', and a 'useless barrister', among other jibes.

Harvey is also alleged to have told him, 'Your life won't be worth living,' after she reportedly threatened to submit complaints to the standards watchdogs regarding Sir Keir.

Fiona Harvey spoke to Piers Morgan earlier this month (X/Piers Morgan)
Fiona Harvey spoke to Piers Morgan earlier this month (X/Piers Morgan)

In another alleged email, Harvey is claimed to have used a disabled slur to describe the Labour party leader's wife, Victoria, while adding: "God she looks dreadful. Dreadful."

Other messages reportedly sent by Harvey included complaints about her neighbours during lockdown, with Harvey supposedly sending a clip of her walking around her flat while saying she was the only one clapping for NHS workers.

The correspondence is alleged to have included a myriad of spelling mistakes and were each signed off with 'Sent from my iPhone' - both of which have become synonymous with Baby Reindeer character Martha.

Harvey is also accused of targeting other UK politicians in the emails to Sir Keir, dubbing Angela Rayner an 'imbecile' and labelling Boris Johnson - who was Prime Minister at the time - an 'Eton t**t'.

Keir Starmer (Leon Neal/Getty Images)
Keir Starmer (Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Former Health Minister Matt Hancock was also allegedly referred to as a 'moron' and 'moon face', while Harvey is said to have explained she had to watch his public addresses 'through [her] fingers'.

The Sun alleged that the emails took shots at late MP Jo Cox, who was murdered in 2016, as well as former Labour lobbyist and Kate Garraway's late husband, Derek Draper, 56.

The Metropolitan Police are believed to be aware of the hundreds of messages sent to Sir Keir, but have yet to release a statement regarding the matter.

During her appearance on Piers Morgan's show, Harvey revealed she had six different email addresses and multiple mobile phones.

LADbible has contacted Sir Keir's representatives and the Met Police for comment.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Piers Morgan Uncensored/Leon Neal/Getty Images

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