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Porsche Owner Livid After Finding Rust On £34,000 Car Week After He Bought It

Porsche Owner Livid After Finding Rust On £34,000 Car Week After He Bought It

He bought the car from a third-party seller and says he's had no response from Porsche

A bloke has claimed Porsche is refusing to honour its warranty after he splashed out £34,000 on a car, only to discover rust on one of the doors days later.

Martin Connelly bought a Porsche Panamera from a third party in Stoke in January - but says he noticed ‘bubbles’ on the right-hand door just one week later. 

The car, which Martin has fitted with personalised plates, was registered on the road in 2015 - but he says he has a certificate with a manufacturers guarantee for 12 years against rust holes in the bodyshell. 

After spotting the bubbles, Martin booked into a garage to ask them to take a look, but was left frustrated when staff at the body shop told him he wouldn’t be able to claim any repairs under warranty, as the damage looked to be caused by a stone - something Martin refuted. 

Martin Connelly/BPM Media

He contacted Porsche and claimed the German manufacturer would not accept liability and the only thing to do would be to go to the Motor Ombudsman.

Martin decided to get a second opinion and took the car to a bodywork specialist. Here, Martin said staff were able to remove the door’s lining and claimed they discovered rust inside the door, which he says was caused due to the fact the door wasn’t sealed properly allowed water to get inside. 

He also says he found a rust bubble on the front of the left wing. 

Martin said: "It's absolutely barmy, I've had BMWs and Audis that have never rusted like this. It's so frustrating the amount of money that Porsche takes yet it won't sort me out with this warranty.

Martin Connelly/BPM Media

"I want to see Porsche accept responsibility and get the bodywork done and fixed, and for the manufacturer error to be resolved. I just want it sorted.

"I noticed the door problem within the first week as you can't really see it at first, but you can feel it when you wash you car, and I thought that's not right. I've had cars with much more mileage on the clock with no problems."

Martin has since sent the report to Porsche, but has said he hasn’t yet received a reply. He also sent it to the The Motor Ombudsmen, who have said the matter is being investigated.

Bill Fennell, Chief Ombudsman and Managing Director of The Motor Ombudsman, said: "We have received the evidence from Mr Connelly and the business that is the subject of the dispute, and a decision will be made by an adjudicator shortly once they have reviewed all facts relating to the case."

LADbible has contacted Porsche Cars GB for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Martin Connelly/BPM Media

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