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Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime energy drink has way more caffeine than the legal limit in Australia

Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime energy drink has way more caffeine than the legal limit in Australia

A dietician says the drink is a 'cocktail of compounds'.

Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime energy drink has more caffeine than Australia's legal limit.

The two YouTubers set aside their rivalry and teamed up to launch Prime last year, which has since become a massively in-demand product in the UK.

While the drink is not available for general sale in Australia, many are scrambling to get their hands on the energy drink online through reselling websites.

But health experts have warned against consuming large quantities of the beverage due to its high level of caffeine.

The maximum allowable amount of caffeine in a drink in the country is 32mg per 100 ml.

Just to put things into perspective - a can of Coke has 9mg per 100ml, and a can of Red Bull has exactly 32mg per 100ml.

However, a can of Prime Energy has nearly double the amount, with 56 mg per 100ml.

My god, a few sips, and you’ll be bouncing off the walls by the sound of it.

Dr Gina Trapp, head of food and nutrition research at the Telethon Kids Institute, told the Sydney Morning Herald that people should be cautious when indulging in the beverage - especially those who are more prone to its side effects.

“The marketing of energy drinks (and Prime Energy) is highly attractive to young people,” Trapp said.

“Energy drink advertisements promise consumers improved energy, performance and concentration, thus young consumers may falsely believe that more is better and consume multiple servings – putting them at even greater health risk.”

Raz McNulty Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

While Logan and KSI have marketed the energy drink for a young demographic (particularly athletes), Griffith University dietitian, Professor Ben Desbrow, said he would not give his clients this kind of drink.

He told the outlet: “If it was one of these drinks on a rare occasion by itself, that would be fine. But that’s not typically the way these drinks are consumed. And certainly that’s not the way they’re consumed by young people.”

He added: "It’s just a cocktail of compounds, with ‘feel good’ nutrition claims like coconut water. Products like these have no association with a high-quality diet for sport."

The drink has a small label on the bottle as well as a disclaimer on its website's FAQ section that the drink isn't suitable for people under the age of 18.

And Prime hasn’t gotten the stamp of approval from Gordon Ramsay either.

Last month, the three-star Michelin chef was handed a bottle of Prime while appearing on Heart radio.

And he did not hold back.

Before even downing the concoction, Ramsay sniffed and revealed: “Ohhhh, that smells high.”

He eventually took a swig and said: “Oh, Jesus. It’s like swallowing perfume. What is it? I’ll send it to Nigella to cook her pork ribs in.”

He then proceeded to give it a zero out of 10.

Featured Image Credit: drinkprime/Instagram

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