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Protester yanked back after hurling abuse at Prince Andrew during Queen's coffin procession

Protester yanked back after hurling abuse at Prince Andrew during Queen's coffin procession

The Queen's coffin was being taken from the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh

A protester was seen being yanked back after shouting abuse during the Queen's coffin procession today, 12 September. Watch below:

Her Majesty, who died last week, left her home in Balmoral and made the six-hour journey to Edinburgh yesterday (11 September).

And thousands of people piled onto the streets of the Scottish capital today (12 September) to pay their respects and watch as the 96-year-old's coffin was taken from the palace of Holyroodhouse to St Giles' Cathedral, where the Crown of Scotland will be placed atop the coffin and the public will be allowed to pay their respects to the late sovereign.

However, in footage from the procession, one onlooker can be heard shouting, 'Andrew, you're a sick, old man,' as the coffin passed by with King Charles and his siblings, Andrew, Edward and Anne walked behind.

The man is then pulled away by police and other bystanders, and ushered away from the road.

As he is moved to the side, the man says to police: "I've done nothing wrong."

A protester was pulled away after shouting abuse at the Queen's coffin procession.

Another angle of the incident shows two other men pushing the protester, before a woman in the background can be heard telling them to get their hands off him.

This comes after footage emerged of King Charles III being involved in his first security scare since becoming monarch when a man ran in front of his car on the A40.

Charles was travelling through West London at the time of the incident when the man stepped out into the road and appeared to attempt to stop the Rolls Royce vehicle.

It appears that one of the new monarch’s security detail alerted others travelling in a Range Rover behind to the danger.

That prompted two security agents to open the doors of the car and wrestle the man to the floor right there in the road.

Upon first glance, it appears that the man just wanted to get a closer look at the new king’s convoy, as he seemed to be attempting to take a picture on his phone.

The man ran out into the road as the King was passing.

Still, it’s a bit strange to run right into the road when there’s a full convoy carrying one of the most protected people in the world, right?

Charles was travelling to RAF Northolt in order to catch a private jet up to Edinburgh where the body of his mother is currently lying.

That’s despite reports that royal instructions to travelling foreign dignitaries and leaders planning to attend the funeral was that they should not travel to the event in private jets.

The new king had just finished up giving a speech to MPs in Westminster Hall, quoting Shakespeare in tribute to his late mother.

He said: "As Shakespeare says of the earlier Queen Elizabeth, she was 'a pattern to all princes living'."

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