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Number 10 forced to deny Rishi Sunak video uses Gary Glitter song

Number 10 forced to deny Rishi Sunak video uses Gary Glitter song

Rishi Sunak's government have been forced to deny using a song by disgraced musician Gary Glitter in a recent promotional video

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister has been forced to deny that a video was put out on their official channels using music by disgraced paedophile Gary Glitter.

Here is the video, featuring music that sounds quite a lot like Gary Glitter’s ‘Rock and Roll Part 2’:

The first thing to note is that the music in this video isn’t by Gary Glitter, it does sound a lot like the song in question.

Also, that song is used in a number of places all the time – common in American Football stadiums, for example.

Oh, and it was in Joker, remember?

However, Gary Glitter is – obviously – not a good guy, having been sent to prison on numerous occasions for child sex offences spanning a number of countries, including Cambodia and Vietnam.

Currently, he’s serving a 16 year sentence handed down in 2015 for attempted rape and unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, as well as four counts of indecent assault.

Not the sort of bloke that you would want to be thought of with if you were trying to build a government, in short.

So, the new Prime Minister put out a video in the week in which he detailed how he is getting down to the job of governing, despite not actually being voted in by any more than a handful of MPs.

Sunak took over as PM after the disastrous premiership of Liz Truss.
PA Images/Alamy

Keen to make an impression, the video was captioned: “We will work day in, day out to deliver for you.”

Underneath the expensive-looking video, there is a constant drum beat underscoring Rishi’s conversation with Joe Biden, his various duties, and some braying from the benches at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Unfortunately, many have pointed out that it sounds almost identical to ‘Rock and Roll Part 2’.

One person commented: “I don't want to tell 10 Downing Street media how to do their job, but that appears to be a sampled drum loop from a Gary Glitter record?”

Another said: “Sunak's latest propaganda video has a soundtrack by Gary Glitter, I kid you not.

“To sum up what they have done to the country? Wanna be in my gang, my gang? No thanks. Rather have a #GeneralElectionN0W.”

The social media backlash has prompted Number 10 to comment on the matter, pointing out that the music is ‘certainly not by Gary Glitter’ and claiming that ‘stock music’ had been used for the backing track.

The spokesperson said: "I'm not aware of it costing anything additional to the work that we do in communicating for the Prime Minister."

Sunak will hope not to be linked to Gary Glitter.
PA Images/Alamy

Glitter released the actual song 50 years ago as his breakout single.

It peaked at number two in the UK charts, and has been played across the globe ever since.

The use of the song in recent times has been controversial, given the fact that royalties must be paid when it is used.

Most recently, the use in Joker by director Todd Phillips was criticised for putting money into Glitter’s pocket.

However, it was reported that Glitter would actually receive no royalties because he sold the rights to Universal Music Publishing Group in the US.

Glitter – real name Paul Gadd – could be up for release as early as next year.

LADbible has contacted Downing Street for a further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/10 Downing Street/Bell

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