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People ‘need answers’ after spotting Prince William’s ‘missing leg’ in Christmas photo

People ‘need answers’ after spotting Prince William’s ‘missing leg’ in Christmas photo

The family have released a new photo for Christmas

The Prince and Princess of Wales have released a new family photo for Christmas - but while royal fans have been gushing over the sweet new snap, others have been questioning where the future King’s leg is.

It’s been a funny old year, hasn’t it? And as 2023 begins to draw to a close, Prince William and wife Kate have shared their annual Christmas card, which shows the proud parents standing with their three children.

In the black and white shot, taken by Yorkshire photographer Josh Shinner, Kate can be seen with her arm around 10-year-old Prince George’s waist, whilst William rests a hand on the shoulder of his youngest son Prince Louis, five, while Princess Charlotte, eight, is sat front and centre in a chair.

The photo was shared on the official Prince and Princess of Wales social media account with the caption: “Our family Christmas card for 2023” alongside a Christmas tree and love heart emoji.

So far so normal, right? Except some eagle-eyed social media users reckon it looks as though William is missing a leg.

One person wrote on X: “‘Where’s William’s other leg?’ ‘Why is Kate’s left arm so long?’ That’s what folks have been asking since the photo came out.”

Someone else commented: Where is Will's bottom half? Consider the angle of his supposed right leg, his left leg should be visible in the chair opening unless he's trying to do a split?”

A third said the Prince of Wales was missing his ‘his bottom half’.

Another commented: “Where’s William’s thigh? Where’s Kate’s other foot?”

This comes after others were left questioning whether little Prince Louis was missing a finger in the same image.

“Louis is missing a finger, this has got to be the worst photoshopped pic ever,” said an X user.

While a second asked: "Is Prince Louis missing a finger? What in the AI is going on."

Leaning into a rather bizarre conspiracy theory another X user said: “Are Prince William children even real or are they fake? Why does Louis not have a finger and look at Louis' legs?

“Did William and Kate rent a child? What's happening? I am trying to find out or did they just Photoshop the entire picture. I need answers.”

The Prince and Princess of Wales aren’t the only royals to release a Christmas card this year - with King Charles III and Queen consort Camilla also sharing a new photo.

The sovereign posed alongside his wife, wearing a coronation tunic which was previously worn by King George VI in 1937.

Featured Image Credit: X/The Prince and Princess of Wales / Josh Shinner

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