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Schapelle Corby announces she's single after splitting up with her Indonesian boyfriend

Schapelle Corby announces she's single after splitting up with her Indonesian boyfriend

The controversial Australian celebrity is calling on her followers to set her up with someone new.

After 16 years together, Schapelle Corby has announced she has broken up with Balinese boyfriend, Ben Panangian.

The Australian celebrity took to Instagram to make the announcement and posted a photo of herself with Ben scribbled out.

She wrote alongside the image: "Looking for a new Four Leaf Clover. *ATTENTION*. Help a girl out - Get Tagging."

The post was sent out to her 159,000 followers and the comments have been flooded by people offering themselves forward as prospects or tagging their mates.

Corby and Panangian's relationship has been one marked by difficulty.

Schapelle isn’t allowed to return to Indonesia and Ben isn’t allowed to settle in Australia due to their criminal records.

Because of this, they have maintained a long-distance relationship since Schapelle was deported to Australia in 2017.

They've been meeting in countries where they are both legally allowed where they can ever since.

The two met in Kerobokan Prison in 2006, where they were both serving out sentences for drug smuggling.

Ben was released in 2009, while Schapelle was released five years later in 2014 and returned to Australia in 2017.

Schapelle rose to fame because of her infamous drug smuggling case that saw her imprisoned with a life-sentence in a Balinese prison in 2004.

A series of sentence reductions meant that she only had to serve nine of those 20 years.

Since then, Schapelle has gone on to become a popular yet notorious figure within Australian culture.

She has written books and appeared in interviews about her experiences while continuing to maintain she is innocent and the 4.2kg of cannabis she was imprisoned over was, in fact, planted there.

In 2021, she appeared on Dancing with the Stars, where she was eliminated after three episodes.

Featured Image Credit: Schapelle Corby/Instagram

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