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People Are Questioning Why Schapelle Corby Is On Dancing With The Stars

People Are Questioning Why Schapelle Corby Is On Dancing With The Stars

"I did not know that being a convicted drug smuggler led to ‘star’ status."

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Dancing With The Stars Australia kicked off for another season last night and the country got to witness which celebrities had two left feet and who was actually half-decent.

This year's season is packed with a diverse range of A-listers, however one 'star's' inclusion has viewers confused.

When Channel 7 announced Schapelle Corby would be among the celebrities dancing the foxtrot and waltz this year, people were a little shocked.

Corby spent nine yeas in Indonesia's Kerobokan Prison for attempting to smuggle 4.2kgs of cannabis inside a boogie board.

While she maintained her innocence, she was sentenced to 20 years behind bars by the Denpasar District Court and had her time commuted several times.

She's now rubbing shoulders with the likes of Kyly Clarke, Bec Hewitt, Matty 'Matty J' Johnson, Renee Bargh, Jessica Gomes and many more.

Corby's debut performance was a Viennese waltz and the moment she stepped onto the stage social media was awash with divided opinion.

One viewer said: "With Schapelle Corby classed as a star/celebrity on #DancingAU, really makes me think what Australia deems acceptable as a star or celebrity now. The bar is either pretty low or we just accept anyone for any reason, especially if they've just popped up on the tv..."

Another added: "Just saw that convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby is on Dancing With The Stars. GROSS."

Others hit back at Corby's critics and argued that she has done her time and should be only criticised on her dancing.

"Knew Schapelle Corby would trend, Question though why would you go out of your way to complain on the internet about a person who has done more than enough time & or tune in? Don't worry about it," one user said.

A second supported the Aussie and wrote: "Loved Kyly Clarke and Schapelle Corby. Love how it wasn't even mentioned she was in slammer. More do that she's done another tv show since. It's in the past. Done her time. Gone. History."

Even the judges were shocked and surprised how well Corby approached the Waltz.

Todd McKenney told Schapelle after her dance: "I have to apologise to you in fact, because for whatever reason, I don't know why and it's unfair of me, but I thought you were gonna be crap."

Fellow judge Mark Wilson addd that it was 'simply the most inspirational performance that I never, ever, ever expected to see'.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 7

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