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People are staggered to learn there's a difference between white, pink and brown noise

People are staggered to learn there's a difference between white, pink and brown noise

Twitter users have debated which of the three most popular colours on the noise spectrum is their favourite.

The noise spectrum consists of tons of colours that all have significantly different properties and qualities.

There’s the classic white noise, the internet-famed brown noise, and of course the more relaxing pink noise.

However, many don’t know the difference or the benefits that listening to each one can bring.

Arguably the most established colour on the noise spectrum is of course white.

The static-like sound of white noise is created by combining all the frequencies found in the spectrum of sounds.

Studies have shown that listening to this colour can lower ADHD symptoms, improve your work performance and even settle your sleep cycle.

However, it’s often very intense and not ideal to listen to when you’re trying to relax.

But if you’re wanting to drown out some snoring or some loud chatter in a train carriage, then white noise may be your ticket.

Lots of different colours make up the sound spectrum.
Pete Linforth/Pixabay

Brown noise on the other hand is white’s calmer sister.

The sound features a decrease in frequency which in turn produces a bass-like tone akin to heavy rainfall or even a steady wind.

Brown noise can be powerful and studies have shown that listening to it can improve your thinking skills.

However, more research is needed into whether this colour truly affects sleep.

Another popular sound is pink noise, which also goes by the name ‘ambient noise’.

This constant background hum helps listeners to filter out distractions and features deeper and lower sound waves compared to white noise.

Relaxing and therapeutic, many find pink noise produces the most pleasant listening experience of the three.

It is also often likened to the sound of steady rain or waves washing up on the beach.

Across Twitter, many users have been debating which noise they prefer and some have even divulged the reason for their preferences.

One Twitter user wrote: “Actually - brown and pink noise combo >”

Another said: “Brown noise is the vastly superior noise (white noise is for plebs, pink noise is like a rusty chainsaw.) In our house, brown noise is a sleep aid. But it makes a great ambient sound fill for any occasion.”

A third wrote: “I do prefer brown or pink noise over white noise (sic) though.”

Many liken pink noise to waves washing up on the coast.
Corinna Schenk/Pixabay

“Pink noise is my (sic) kryptonite like I play that before a nap and I’m knocked out,” said another.

Elsewhere, social media users have urged others to be mindful of their listening habits when using Spotify. They say that it may lead to negativity down the line.

One said: “Got yelled at for listening to brown noise (sic) because it ruined the family Spotify blend.”

Another agreed and wrote: “Listening to brown noise when I go to sleep is going to ruin my Spotify Wrapped this year.”

“I single-handedly keep the 12 Hour Deep Brown Noise Sound Machine on Spotify afloat,” joked a third.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/KoolShooters/Unsplash/pawel_czerwinski

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