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Single people and those doing long distance can now get an emotional support bear for $160

Rachel Lang

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Single people and those doing long distance can now get an emotional support bear for $160

Are you lonely as hell? Are you sick of cuddling up to sweaty men to find they snore and fart in their sleep?

Well, we have a solution for you.


Let us introduce you to the Loving Bear Puffy, the man-sized emotional support bear that is here for all of your cuddling needs.


So if you're doing it long distance, you're single, or if you just need to be little spoon every once and a while, then this bear is for you.

We won't lie, the human-like arms of this massive plush teddy are mildly horrifying.

But if you can look past that - and the USD$160 (AUD$237, £135) price tag - you're in for an A-grade snuggle session.

The massive man-bear is the brainchild of Bulgarian company Puffy Bear, with the product described as: "A very personal product invented by an ordinary woman who is afraid of being alone."


Hey, at least they are brutally honest.

The bear stands at 170cm in height and 'replaces the need for physical presence'. The massive teddy can also be easily positioned thanks to it weighing a mere 3.2 kilograms.

Puffy Bear explained why they decided to create the massive, man-sized teddy.

"We women are often left alone for various reasons," a Puffy Bear representative said.

The Loving Bear Puffy in action. Credit: SWNS
The Loving Bear Puffy in action. Credit: SWNS

The brand added: "That's why Puffy is made with a human shape and size to replace as much as possible the lack of physical presence when we need to hug or lean."

User reviews have been rather positive.

One review from a woman named Liya said: "The first few days I felt a bit strange until I got used to his presence because he seems like a real person, but now I can't imagine walking in and him not being home."


Another reviewer named Karry said: "Since Puffy has been with me, I fall asleep much easier and faster. I love its softness and the sense of security it gives me."

Susan admitted to being a grown adult that is still afraid of the dark, adding: "I've always been afraid of the dark, but since he's been in my bedroom I feel like I've stopped being afraid."

Susan added: "And the noises outside don't startle me, I just snuggle into it and fall asleep without problems."

So while his arms might look like the stuff of nightmares, Puffy Bear seems to keep the scaries at bay. Good for you, Puffy Bear.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS.

Topics: Mental Health, News, Sex and Relationships, Weird

Rachel Lang
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