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Weather maps show exact day Arctic blast will come to Britain bringing six inches of snow

Weather maps show exact day Arctic blast will come to Britain bringing six inches of snow

Get your wellies at the ready, there's more snow on the way.

If you woke up this morning clutching onto your duvet because of the cold weather, then brace yourself because temperatures are set to plunge next month.

That's not all, you should dust off your wellies and get your gloves at the ready because the UK is set to experience even more snow.

Just when you thought the cold snap was over, blizzard-like conditions and heavy snowfall could be on the way, with temperatures dipping to as low as -8°C.

Weather maps from WXCharts illustrate the freezing conditions on the way in February, with six inches of snow and below zero temperatures a possibility by the 10th day of the month.

The extremely cold weather means that a 25 percent chance of a polar vortex weakening to the point that a Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) could be triggered.

More snow could be on the way.
Louisa Svensson / Alamy Stock Photo

SSW refers to rapid warming in the stratosphere, up to about 50°C in just a couple days, between 10km and 50km above the Earth’s surface, the Met Office describes.

If an SSW is triggered, it could increase the amount of polar air hitting the nation.

The last time a SSW occurred was in January 2021, when the UK recorded its most bone-chilling temperature in 26 years as Aberdeenshire dropped to a staggering -23°C.

The darker purple areas of the map shows where snow could drop next week.

“The chances of a sudden stratospheric warming is currently 20 or 25 per cent,” Met Office forecaster Alex Deakins said.

“The most likely scenario at this stage is for the polar vortex to weaken, but computer models show an SSW is at least a possibility.”

A weather warning issued by the Met Office said: “Freezing fog will lead to difficult driving conditions and could cause travel delays in some areas."

The Met Office forecast for next week states: “Into next week, frontal systems approaching from the northwest could bring some periods of heavier rainfall or showers, this weakening as the fronts move southwards.

Temperatures are set to plunge.
Marc Boettcher / Alamy Stock Photo

“Parts of the south could remain largely dry, while the north may see more spells of wet and windy weather further in the period.

“Strong winds in the north with possible gales, but generally light or moderate winds in the south.”

Snow could hit areas of Scotland even earlier, as maps from WXCharts suggests it could arrive on Tuesday, 31 January.

While some people may be happy with being able to build snowmen again, it's likely that those having to commute won’t be best pleased.

Featured Image Credit: Kay Roxby/Peter J. Hatcher/Alamy Stock Photo

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