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Fans call out Anthony Joshua for 'cringe' moment during post fight interview

Fans call out Anthony Joshua for 'cringe' moment during post fight interview

AJ defeated his opponent with a KO last night

Fans are calling out Anthony Joshua for a 'cringe' moment during his post-fight interview.

The Brit defeated Francis Ngannou in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with a knockout last night (8 March). This win takes Joshua’s boxing record to a decent 28-3-0 with a big 25 wins by KO.

AJ completely KO’d the Cameroonian, leaving him needing medical treatment before he managed to get back up on his feet.

He really gave his opponent a fight, and his fans a good show as he started off with all guns blazing, landing several shots on Ngannou early on.

And he knocked him down in the first round before that righthand to his jaw KO’d him in the second round while Tyson Fury watched on.

Showing his good sportsmanship, Joshua waited until his opponent was confirmed as OK before celebrating his win and even urging Ngannou to not ‘leave boxing’.

Fans said this was pure ‘class’ from AJ as they praised him a ‘true champion’.

But they’re not all so thrilled by his post-fight interview.

Anthony Joshua defeated Francis Ngannou last night (8 March).
Richard Pelham/Getty Images

In the ring, DAZN presenter Ade Oladipo told AJ the fight was ‘incredible’ with the ‘biggest right hand’ he’d ever seen live.

And the Brit had one simple response: “It is what it is.”

But it’s not exactly a response getting love from boxing fans as many are pretty annoyed by it.

Some found it ‘cringe’ but as Joshua then went into a bit of a monologue - with accents and callouts to the crowd.

In that speech he included: “I don't know if I'm in my peak, I'm pushing day by day, who knows where it will take me? In five years I won't be fighting no more, this will be a distant memory.”

But one fan said on social media: “It’s hard not to cringe when he talks.”

Some fans called a moment in his post fight interview 'cringe'.
Richard Pelham/Getty Images

Others even claimed he’s 'getting too preachy and weird on the mic'.

Another added: “That’s probably the most destructive knockout I have watched. Unbelievable punching from Joshua. He is weird though isn’t he. What’s his interview and noises about?”

Someone else put: “Joshua’s post-match speech cracks me up always.”

Others were simply just left posting ‘it is what it is’.

Joshua had praise for Ngannou too as he said: “He can come again. I told him he shouldn't leave boxing. He can do well. Remember he's two fights in and he's fought the best.”

Featured Image Credit: DAZN

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