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KSI demands rematch after he was ‘robbed’ by Tommy Fury

KSI demands rematch after he was ‘robbed’ by Tommy Fury

He's vowed to 'appeal' the judges' 'outrageous' decision

KSI has said he wants a rematch after being beaten by Tommy Fury by majority decision.

The two Brits took to the ring at Manchester’s AO Arena last night (14 October) to take part in the eagerly anticipated fight.

Across the six rounds, it appeared to be a fairly equal fight that could have gone either way, even after the second round where Fury received a point reduction.

Ultimately, Fury was declared the winner, with one judge scoring the fight a 57-57 draw, and the other two marking it 57-56 in favour of Fury meaning he won by majority decision - although a photo of the scorecards shared on social media appears to tell a different story.

However, it’s safe to say KSI - real name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji - was not happy with how things went and demanded a rematch after branding his loss ‘a robbery’.

Speaking after the fight, he said: "Robbery, it's a robbery bro.

"How many jabs did he land? And he had a point taken off as well. You weren't landing. Look at your face, look at your eyes. Look at you."

Fury replied: "You're a sore loser. You're a bum. Back to YouTube."

When asked if he wanted a rematch, KSI replied: “Yes.” Before stumbling over his words before finally frustratingly adding: “I can’t be a**ed, man.”

He went on: "How do I lose a six rounder? Unreal.

"He is the man who is meant to be a pro boxer and he won a majority decision? It's outrageous man. The amount of times he hit me in the back of the head. So many times. And the referee only took one point? He kept doing it over and over.

The eagerly anticipated match took place last night.

"I'm sorry, it's outrageous.”

KSI also vowed to ‘appeal’ the judges’ decision.

"We're going to appeal, I want to appeal,” he said. “I felt like I won that."

Speaking to the BBC after his win, Fury appeared to be open to the idea of a rematch.

Asked if he would ‘face’ KSI again, Fury replied: “We’re going to sit around the table and see what’s on, basically."

When pressed further on whether he’d take a rematch, he reiterated: “Like I said, we’ll see what’s next. If KSI wants another go, he’s going to have to sweeten up his attitude, because at the end of the day, it’s my turn - I’m the head of this table now. Crossover boxing belongs to me. I beat Jake Paul, I beat KSI, the two front runners. I’m the head of this table now.

Featured Image Credit: DAZN /Matt McNulty/Getty Images

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