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Chris Eubank speaks out for first time on brother’s death which left him ‘locked in his own body’

Chris Eubank speaks out for first time on brother’s death which left him ‘locked in his own body’

His brother Simon passed away five years after being diagnosed with dementia

Legendary boxer Chris Eubank has opened up about the death of his brother who once 'saved his life'.

Simon Eubank, who was also a boxer, passed away last month aged 61 - five years after he was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia.

Symptoms can include language issues, personality and mood changes, coordination issues and muscle spasms.

Chris, 57, has opened up about his brother’s death for the first time.

In an interview with the Sun, the British former WBO middleweight title holder said: “Simon had frontal lobe dementia.

“He had been living locked in his own body for the last two years. To see someone spasming all the time they’re awake for a year and a half is soul-destroying.

“He was in a specialist care home. There was a tremendous pressure for his family and I just think of what he would have had to manage, going through that and not being able to move in his own body.

Chris Eubank has spoken about the loss of his brother for the first time.
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

“My brother always showed me love, he always protected me.

“Simon saved my life once. He is the one who truly loved me and that is why I recited Corinthians 1:13 at his funeral.

“It talks about how love is the most powerful of all things, and I recited that for him and for what he did for me.

“In many respects, it is mercy that he has left us. He is truly at rest now.”

Chris went on to say that while he understands he may be more susceptible to developing dementia himself, he doesn’t fear it - but tries to ensure he keeps his brain active, stressing the importance of ‘training your brain’.

Sadly, this isn’t the first tragedy Chris has dealt with in recent times - his son Sebastian died of a heart attack two years ago shortly before his 30th birthday.

The boxer said his brother is ‘truly at rest now’.
Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

At the time of Sebastian's death, the father-of-five wrote a heartfelt tribute, which read: "Never did I ever imagine I would write these words or experience the feeling I now have at the loss of my son.

"My family and I are devastated to hear of the death of Sebastian just days before his 30th birthday.

"Sebastian grew up in Hove in England but in the last few years made his life in Dubai where he had a wide circle of friends and was a leader in the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and of alternative therapies.

"As well as being a personal trainer and boxer, Sebastian was also a deep thinker who liked to challenge accepted wisdom.

"He was loved and respected by all who knew him and will be forever in the thoughts of friends and family."

Featured Image Credit: Justin Setterfield/Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

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