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Luke Littler has shock potential retirement plans just a month after turning pro

Luke Littler has shock potential retirement plans just a month after turning pro

He's only 17 but he's already thinking about his retirement

He might only be 17 years old but darts ace Luke Littler is already thinking about his retirement.

Littler shot to fame earlier this year after fans watched on in disbelief as he made it all the way to the PDC World Darts Championship final at just 16.

His stunning debut saw him facing Luke Humphries at Ally Pally, where he lost 7-4.

Although he didn’t win the title, the teen picked up £200,000 from the competition and shared his plans for his winnings.

He told The Telegraph: “I always treat myself to some Under Armour tracksuits. “And just get myself a new coat and get myself some Fifa points for my Xbox. That’s pretty much it.”

As well as the cash, Littler earned himself a spot in the record books as he was the youngest person to make it to the PDC World final; much was made of the Warrington lad’s age, with some questioning if the darts prodigy was actually still a teen - he is, in case you were wondering.

Luke Littler made history after he made it all the way to the PDC World Darts Championship final at just 16.
Ryan Hiscott/Getty Images

Littler has been playing the sport since he was old enough to pick up a dart.

Explaining his love of the sport, he told Sky News: “There’s a video on YouTube on me when I was 18 months in a nappy listening to Raymond van Barneveld’s music, Phil Taylor’s music, doing their celebrations.

"That’s where it started, at 18 months old in the nappy on a magnetic board.

“Then at four or five on a proper board, but it was a bit low. Seven to eight, that’s when I started playing the proper height and length.”

And although he’s still a teen - Littler has already spent some time thinking about his retirement.

In an interview with The Times, Littler was told it his final appearance at the World Championships would be 2065 - should he continue until he is the same age as Phil Taylor.

In response, Littler said: “I’ve been playing a long time in the juniors, in the old British Darts Federation.

“I might just do ten or fifteen years and retire, if I’ve had enough.”

The teen just signed a very lucrative sponsorship deal.
Stu Forster/Getty Images

Which, if he sticks to, will see him bowing out of the sport at just 27.

Littler recently signed a lucrative deal with Target Darts, which was dubbed the ‘biggest deal in darts’.

Commenting on the deal, he said: “It’s a really special moment to be signing a long-term deal with Target Darts.

“They have supported me through the Elite1 program since I was 12 and I look forward to continuing this great relationship into the future.

“The support and attention to detail Target provide has been massive in helping to evolve my game.

“The last few months have been a whirlwind, but one of the best things has been hearing how many new people are taking up darts.

“I really hope these products will help inspire the next generation of players.”

Featured Image Credit: Ryan Hiscott/Getty Images/Stu Forster/Getty Images

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