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Darts rocked by 'fart-gate' as player accuses opponent of 'stinking the stage out' after blowing lead

Darts rocked by 'fart-gate' as player accuses opponent of 'stinking the stage out' after blowing lead

The world of darts has been shaken by a farting scandal

The world of darts has been hit with a stinky 'fart-gate' scandal.

Darts player Darren Webster has controversially accused his opponent of farting during their face-off during the MODUS Super Series.

Webster let his feelings be known in a rant on social media last night (15 February).

The 55-year old Brit is a former two-time World Championship quarter-finalist, and faced the Dutch Ron Meulenkamp in a best-of-seven legs match.

Webster went into a comfortable 3-0 lead, but was miraculously beaten 4-3 by his rival in an epic comeback.

Muelenkamp hit a double 16 to emerge victorious, though Webster refused to shake hands and looked outraged in an unsportsmanlike moment.

He then exchanged words with his opponent, as Meulenkamp was bemused by the reaction put up by Webster, who is 20-years his senior.

Darren Webster was furious following the darts match-up.
Tom Dulat/Getty Images

The Dutchman's shrug seemed to add fuel to the fire, as Webster posted a rant on Facebook shortly afterwards, trying to explain his loss.

He claimed it was all because of a (quite literally) stinky tactic.

Webster posted: "Well when you play a guy who farts and stinks the stage out and denies it then kick you when your [sic] playing the stall every throw because they are s**t good luck for the future but I'm not interested rant over."

A user commented, criticising the slow speed at which Meulenkamp retrieved his darts from the board, an action usually done swiftly by competitors.

The Brit responded, saying: "He was k**b end of".

Meulenkamp has since not responded to these claims.

Unfortunately, despite the extraordinary gassy complaints, the result wouldn't be overturned and Webster would have to take it on the chin.

His defeat rounded up a disappointing day for the player, as he lost three of his four matches on what was the opening night of the Super Series.

The result puts Meulenkamp in second place in Group B with three games won out of four, with Webster currently sitting rock-bottom.

LADbible has contacted Modus Darts Management for comment.

Meulenkamp could get past the last 64 stage for the first time in his career.
Luke Walker/Getty Images

Darts is no stranger to the odd farting scandal though, as two-time world champion Gary Anderson had to defend his honour after being accused of the same thing in 2018 at the Grand Slam of Darts.

His opponent Wesley Harms claimed there was a 'fragrant smell' during their face-off as he delivered a disappointing performance.

Anderson replied to the claims in the post-game interview: "If the boy thinks I've farted he's 1010% wrong. I swear on my children's lives that it was not my fault."

He even claimed that if he farted on stage, he would have 's**t' himself and excused himself from the stage.

Darts is a cunning game, focused on precision and accuracy, but it looks like you can easily derail your opponent by letting a silent one out on stage.

Featured Image Credit: X/@MSSDarts

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