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Reason why Erling Haaland tapes his mouth shut in bizarre Instagram Story

Reason why Erling Haaland tapes his mouth shut in bizarre Instagram Story

The footballer has given fans an insight into how he performs at the very top level

Manchester City forward Erling Haaland has provided us with more insight into his high-performance life.

The treble winner previously revealed that he tapes his mouth shut before bed and it kind of makes sense.

When you perform at the very top like Haaland does, you will do everything you can to make sure you stay there.

That also includes doing things that others don't.

Taking to Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast last year, the 23-year-old opened up on his training and lifestyle habits.

Haaland went on to explain just how important sleep is for a professional footballer.

"I think sleep is the most important thing in the world,” he told listeners, as he revealed the lengthy prep he undergoes each night.

He added: “To sleep good, simple kind of things like blue-blocking glasses, shutting out all the signals in the bedroom, I think is really important."

WWE superstar Paul also said he uses nasal stripes to improve his sleep.

He explained: “I’m sure you know, nostril breathing is the way forward…”

To which the Premier League player had a brutal comeback: "You should try and tape your mouth then.”

Erling Haaland has opened up on his intense nighttime routine.

Haaland went on to explain that he uses mouth tape to encourage his body to breathe through the nostrils - which is apparently even healthier.

“I sleep with it. Doing a lot of things is not good but doing small things every single day for a longer period really pays off," said the striker.

Before you turn your nose up at this, it’s thought that nasal breathing increases oxygenation in the body - which can improve athletic performance.

Considering his goal record last season, he might be onto something.

Or he might just be very good at football.

On his Instagram Story on Friday (12 January), the injured striker gave fans an update, appearing to show that he still uses the tape method - while working out.

"Think outside the box," he wrote while standing shirtless in the gym.

It looks like Haaland still uses the mouth tape method.

Despite being a role-model for millions around the world, it seems that Haaland's diet may be one step too far.

The 23-year-old revealed that he eats cow heart and liver as part of a strict diet, which is aimed at improving his performance on the pitch.

He was even filmed showing off the chunks of meat to film crews in the documentary, Haaland: The Big Decision.

"You (other people) don't eat this, but I am concerned with taking care of my body," he said, as he explained his intense diet.

"I think eating quality food that is as local as possible is the most important."

Each to their own.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@erling.haaland/TikTok/@traineffectiveofficial

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