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New footage emerges of Big John Fury absolutely losing it as he headbutts cage

New footage emerges of Big John Fury absolutely losing it as he headbutts cage

John Fury seriously lost his temper ahead of Tommy Fury's fight with KSI

New footage has emerged from John Fury's tense face-to-face with KSI.

The former boxer's son, Tommy, is set to go at it with the YouTuber this weekend, but before they step in the ring, they had a face-to-face in front of the fans. Check it out:

Ahead of the big bout, the pair had to make it through the press conference, which ended in true Fury style, which is to say, absolute chaos.

During the even KSI was being interviewed when John began hurling abuse from off-stage, all while wearing a top that said 'FOR REAL FIGHTERS'.

He then started shouting across at him, calling the social media star ‘boring'.

“You’re out there, sat like a bunch of p**sies and I’m still being barred from public places in 2023," John said.

To which KSI retorted: “This f**king loud mouthed t**t is gonna keep going.”

John Fury lost it with KSI in the cage.

And s**t really hit the fan when KSI and Tommy got into the cage for a face off, and, of course, John couldn't help himself, could he?

Getting involved too, 59-year-old went nuts, screaming and shouting at KSI - even headbutting the plastic screen separating them both.

New footage from the explosive moment shows John smashing his head against the screen, itching for a fight.

With a wild look in his eyes, John tries to get at KSI, telling him to 'look him in the eyes', before both men are pulled back by their corners.

Also on the card at tomorrow's event in Manchester is Dillion Danis, who will finally get to settle his bitter feud with Logan Paul.

All in all, it looks to be a tasty night, with lots on the line for all parties concerned.

And if the experts are correct, these fights could 'smash apart' pay-per-view records, with the stars taking part likely to bag a fortune.

Tommy Fury fights KSI this weekend in Manchester.
Instagram/Tommy Fury

Speaking ahead of the event, Lee Astley, from, said the hype around the event will see it surpass the reported two million pay-per-view buys Paul's first fight with KSI enjoyed.

Astley believes that KSI v Fury will go way beyond those numbers.

“Eddie Hearn claims KSI v Logan Paul did around two million PPVs globally in 2019 - well, we think that number could be smashed apart this weekend," he claimed.

“Boxing fans are going to be treated to a monumental double header with arguably the two biggest influencer boxers in the world stepping into the ring and the numbers will show it.

"For the last few months all four fighters have been preparing for the fight, both in the ring and on social media.

"A few remarks have been below the belt and we think fans will pay to see it settled once and for all in their droves.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/misfitsboxing

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