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Fans make suggestion after hearing referee speak in Women's World Cup final

Fans make suggestion after hearing referee speak in Women's World Cup final

Fans have been left impressed after being able to hear referees explaining their decisions

Football fans are suggesting that referees wear mics so they can hear their decisions, after seeing how it works during the Women’s World Cup final.

The Lionesses faced Spain in today’s final at Stadium Australia in Sydney, with millions tuning in across the globe.

And fans in the UK have been left impressed after being able to hear the referee giving a decision and reckon it should be introduced more widely.

Watching along on TV, one fan took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to write: “That’s class that you can actually hear the referee give the decision.”

Refs at the final were given mics.

Someone else wrote: “Premier League should also introduce a system where we can hear the referee giving out decisions after reviewing VAR. FIFA Women's World Cup is next level.”

A third said: “We can hear the ref now announcing their decision? That’s nice.”

While another person commented: “Hand makes a movement to the ball and look on players face afterwards tells it all. Brilliant to hear the Referee explain decision - we need that in Scotland.”

Earlier today, BBC commentator Robyn Cowen was forced to issue an apology after viewers complained that the Spanish commenters could be heard much more clearly than their English counterparts with some saying they had to change channels.

Posting on X, one viewer complained: “What a waste. Most important game for England's women team of all time and all you can hear is the Spanish commentary.”

Millions of fans watched the final.

Another said: “Listening to the Spanish commentary made me turn over to ITV.”

While someone else wrote: “It would be great if we didn’t hear the Spanish commentary over our English commentary! Switching to ITV so I don't have to listen to the Spanish commentary in the background.”

Cowen issued an apology for the overlap of voices, telling viewers: “Apologies if you were hearing our Spanish colleagues, who are already very, very up for this.”

Sadly, today wasn’t the day for the Lionesses - as they were defeated by Spain 1-0 thanks to a goal from Olga Carmona in the first half.

Despite a superb penalty save from Mary Earps giving England fans something to shout about in the second half, the Lionesses were unable to pull it back.

The game is the first time the England women's side has made it to a World Cup final and the country has thrown its backing behind them, with supporters flocking to pubs and bars for the 11am kick-off, with the game tipped to give a £185 million boost to the UK economy.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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