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Luke Littler fans can’t believe what they’re watching as he plays ‘outrageous’ match

Luke Littler fans can’t believe what they’re watching as he plays ‘outrageous’ match

Luke Littler is currently competing in the UK Open

Luke Littler fans can’t believe their eyes as the young star plays an ‘outrageous’ match.

'The Nuke' is currently competing in the UK Open, facing Damon Heta in the quarter-final.

This latest darts tournament for Littler follows his win at the Bahrain Darts Championship, runner up place in the Dutch Darts Masters and of course, coming second in the World Darts Championship.

The 17-year-old quickly shot to national fame as the teen took on some of the world’s best darts players and has racked up quite the fan base for his impressive play.

Luke Littler is a young darts star.
Ryan Hiscott/Getty Images

And BBC Sport has called his current match against Heta as ‘on course to be one of the greatest darts matches of all time’.

Fans have echoed this on social media as one wrote on X: “This Littler v Heta game is utter madness and it's only 5 legs in.”

In the early stages of the quarter-final, the pair were both averaging 120 each.

Littler set the tone for the match as he smashed in a solid 180 to kick it all off.

Viewers were blown away from the get-go, with one writing: “Heta v Littler, what a ridiculous start to this game. Wow.”

Another called a session possibly the greatest ‘in the history of darts’ while they both amazingly averaged around 120.

Someone else simply commented: “This Littler - Heta match is outrageous so far.”

It’s been a real match between the players, with one viewer writing earlier: “Absolute joke of a start to the UK open. Luke littler beating Damon heta with a 119 average. Heta averaging 127. Ridiculous!”

And another agreed: “This Littler Heta match is outrageous.”

The 17-year-old is currently competing in the UK Open.
Stu Forster/Getty Images

Littler’s made quite a name for himself in the darts world while still only a teenage lad, having been playing the sport since he was old enough to pick up a dart.

Yet despite him still being so young, he’s actually already spent a bit of time thinking about his retirement.

In an interview with The Times, Littler was told his final appearance at the World Championships would be 2065 - if he is to continue until he is the same age as Phil Taylor.

In response, Littler said: “I’ve been playing a long time in the juniors, in the old British Darts Federation.

“I might just do ten or fifteen years and retire, if I’ve had enough.”

And if he does stick to that, then he could be bowing out of the sport at only 27.

Featured Image Credit: PDC

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