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Pro golfer left stunned after bloke 'mansplained' how to hit ball addresses what happened next

Pro golfer left stunned after bloke 'mansplained' how to hit ball addresses what happened next

The golfer has been praised for her response to the unsolicited advice

The professional golfer who went viral after she filmed herself being ‘mansplained’ by a stranger while at a driving range has revealed what happened next.

By now you’ve probably already seen the clip of pro PGA golfer and coach Georgia Ball who was filming herself trying out a swing change, when a bloke approached her with some unsolicited advice on how he thought she could improve.

The man, who remained out of shot, took it upon himself to tell the golf pro she was doing it wrong, while she patiently tried to explain that she was just trying out a new style of swing.

Undeterred by her telling him this twice in a row, he then tried to take credit for her next swing while he said he'd been 'playing golf 20 years'.

Ball was widely praised for her gracious response and remaining polite and cheerful throughout the interaction.

Ball explained her reaction to LADbible, saying that she doesn't mind people coming up and giving her advice and the vast majority of times she talks to other golfers it's very positive.

A golf coach with the Professional Golfers' Association, Georgia often shares tips for the keen golfer.

She said: "At the time during the conversation with him I was totally open to any advice and taking any feedback on board - as I am with anyone, pro golfer or not.

"It was when he wouldn't let me speak or let me properly explain what I was doing with my swing change, I just thought it was best to get back to my practice session.

"In the moment I honestly didn't know what to say and was quite shocked but now I can look back and see the funny side as many people have online and around the world.”

Now the golfer has explained what happened next - admitting that the whole thing was ‘awkward’.

When you're a golf pro at the driving range and some bloke starts giving you advice.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Ball shared: "I just carried on doing what I was doing, working on my swing.

“It was an awkward conversation at the time but as I say, I was just concentrating on what I was doing.

"With a swing change it can be quite intense, especially when you film as well, so for me it was just concentrating on what I was there to do and I am glad I can look back on it now and see the funny side to it.

"All I was thinking was concentrate on this next shot and hit it as best as I can.”

Explaining why she decided to share the clip, Ball added: “That’s what I do - I film golf content and I post it online. So I just posted that online and I’m so grateful that it’s brought so much attention to golf. And it’s going to help grow the game and get so many people involved.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@georgiagolfcoach/Sky Sports

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