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Super Bowl viewers ask if man is okay after he goes flying during Usher halftime show

Super Bowl viewers ask if man is okay after he goes flying during Usher halftime show

Viewers were left worried after an Usher fan suddenly went airborne during the halftime performance

Usher's halftime show at the Super Bowl managed to get slightly upstaged by an unlikely source.

It wasn't his special guests - Alicia Keys, Jermaine Dupri, H.E.R, Will.I.Am, Lil Jon and Ludacris - who stole the limelight during the legendary slot though, it was just a random bloke in the crowd.

Take a look at this:

Usher has spent countless hours rehearsing for his big moment on Sunday (11 February), as well as condensing his entire music catalogue spanning over 30 years into 15 minutes and planning the inevitable surprises.

But the singer has been slightly outshined during his big moment at the Super Bowl due to all the chaos going on in the crowd as fans danced along to his hit tracks.

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, one enthusiastic spectator literally went flying through the crowd as Lil Jon did a snippet of his and DJ Snake's song 'Turn Down for What'.

It's a pretty high energy bop, so those partying in the audience were seen bouncing around all over the place.

But one bloke in a blue t-shirt really took the biscuit when he seemed to have been tossed up into the air, leaving his limbs flailing as the music legends did their thing on stage.

An Usher fan ended up airborne during Lil Jon's song 'Turn Down For What'.

Lil Jon was surrounded by fans who were all energetically jumping up and down while waving their hands in the air, but it turned out there was a lot more wacky behaviour unfolding as the camera panned to a wide lens.

A lad in a blue t-shirt can be seen tumbling through the air as he appeared to have been launched a long way up - a bit like when a new parent misjudges it and tosses their baby way too high.

He reached an unbelievable height before starting to pummel back down to the crowd below him.

But unfortunately, the outcome of the man's Super Bowl stunt isn't clear as the cameras then moved to another focus.

Eagle-eyed social media users who noticed the Usher fan going airborne during the performance shared their concerns for him online and were keen to confirm he was okay.

Viewers were concerned for the man.

Others reckoned that the fella would have been having an absolute riot when he was propelled through the air while being pretty much front row to an incredible concert - and thinking about it, maybe their right.

One wrote: "Someone see if this man is okay..."

Another said: "The players are dropping like flies and that dude is having the time of his life."

A third commented: "Oh… he flew."

A fourth joked: "I thought this was Justin Bieber finally coming out."

And a fifth added: "Homie got tossed! He went flying! Holy hell."

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