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Terry Crews jiggles pecs during ‘brilliant’ grid-walk chat after 'rude' Cara Delevingne was slammed

Terry Crews jiggles pecs during ‘brilliant’ grid-walk chat after 'rude' Cara Delevingne was slammed

Terry Crews was interviewed by Martin Brundle on the grid at the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Terry Crews was seen jiggling his chest muscles around whilst being interviewed by Sky Sports reporter Martin Brundle at the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest.

Brundle was in the headlines more recently at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, where he was refused an interview by model and actor Cara Delevingne.

Cara didn’t seem particularly up for the chat, before Brundle said: “Well the deal is everyone has to speak on the grid.”

Then, after she complained about not being able to hear and moved away, Brundle jibed: “Alright, well I’m sure it would have been extremely interesting.”

After that, the star was criticised for being ‘rude’, as some saw it.

Cara later said that she was 'told to say no so I did'.

But this time, Brundle wasn’t disappointed and found someone who was really up for having a chat to him, as well as giving him a show of a completely different kind.

Terry Crews jiggled his pecs on the grid at the Hungarian Grand Prix.
Sky Sports

Brundle approached Crews and told him that he was assured that he would recognise him as he’s ‘bricked’.

“Still working!” Crews said, flexing his pecs up and down.

“I’m revving up like this car!” he added.

Crews then went on to say that it’s his first F1 race today, and he’s been invited down as the guest of Red Bull Racing.

He described the experience as ‘amazing’ and was clearly interested in the cars, which he called ‘spaceships’.

“What I love, too,” Crews continued, “here we are in Hungary, there has been over 300,000 people.

“This is such an amazing sport, I can’t wait for it to come to Las Vegas.

“I’m really looking forward to F1 Las Vegas.”

Then, flipping the script, Brundle abruptly left the scene, walking out of shot away from him.

Having watched the interview ahead of the race, many were minded to point out the comparison between Brundle’s interview with Delevingne and Crews.

One comment read: “Terry Crews, a much more pleasant individual than Cara Delevingne it has to be said.”

Fans noticed that it was completely different to Cara Delevingne's interview.
Sky Sports

Another said: “F1 went from uptight Cara Delevingne to the World's friendliest man Terry Crews.”

As for the race itself, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen cruised to a victory after Lewis Hamilton had taken pole position.

It’s Verstappen’s 12th victory on the bounce, and – to be honest – was almost as predictable as Terry Crews signature chest flexing.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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