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Store Explains Why They Suspended Worker Who Confronted Thief

Store Explains Why They Suspended Worker Who Confronted Thief

The company have now responded to the incident after their initial reaction sparked mass backlash online

Supercheap Auto have now explained why they suspended a worker who went viral for confronting a 'thief'. Take a look at the altercation below:

As shown in the viral clip, the staff-member appears to confront a woman who seems to be using an empty pram as a filler for stolen goods supposedly taken from the store.

After claiming that the woman does not have a baby in the pram, the man says: “Do you want me to ring the cops?”

The woman responds: “Ring the cops, mate... Let my baby go”.

As the man grabs the handle of the pram, he says: “You haven’t even got (a baby) in there.”

Both are holding onto the pram as they fight for control of the pram, where at least two boxes of apparent stock then appear to fall out.

The employee was filmed confronting a 'thief' who had loaded up a pram with stolen goods.

And now, we haven't been made aware how the confrontation ended as the footage didn't record the full incident.

A spokesperson for Supercheap Auto’s parent company, Super Retail Group has spoken out about situation following the news of the employee being suspended for his actions.

They confirmed to 7NEWS that the employee has not been fired and is on full pay while he is stood down.

"We are reviewing an incident from last week at one of our stores on the Gold Coast which is standard practice after an event of this nature.

"At all times, we remain focused on the health, safety and wellbeing of our team members and customers."

After the incident, many thought that the unnamed employee had lost his job, although we now know this is no longer the case.

Michael Farrar, who owns the Autobarn store in Burleigh Heads wrote on social media: "If anyone knows his name, please help us get in touch."

Supercheap Auto have confirmed the employee hasn't been fired and is on full pay while an investigation is carried out.

Farrar noted how much of an asset the Supercheap Auto employee could be to his team, as he told Gold Coast Bulletin: "His actions showed to me that he is a loyal person and someone we would want on our team."

Southport Auto recyclers have also said: "If anyone knows him tell him to DM us or tag him, we would like to interview him for a position should he require one!

"After watching the video it's crazy that supercheap have stood him down after the commitment to them he demonstrated!"

Social media also had their say, with one user saying: "This guy stood up for this store and this is how they repay him. Bloody thieves need to learn that stealing just isn't cool."

However, others disagreed with the employee's actions.

"I was in retail work 30 years ago and they were adamant even back then that you report but never confront if you suspected a thief," one said.

LADbible has contacted Supercheap Auto for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lizhudson01

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